Zoom Makes Compulsory PWA for Chrome OS Users 

Zoom Makes Compulsory PWA for Chrome OS Users 

Video conference app Zoom, has discontinued support for its original Chrome OS app, blocking users from joining meetings. The users can only join using Zoom Progressive Web App (PWA) as the only option. 

Although the PWA version of Zoom for Chrome OS is reportedly facing issues now, the latest development leaves Chromebook users with no choice other than to use Zoom’s PWA in order to attend or organise video conferences.

The issues facing the PWA version of Zoom for Chrome OS includes; the gallery view option is no longer supported on most Chromebooks, some users facing problems with microphone settings and some complaining that the app sometimes makes them sign out of accounts at random.

Whenever a user opens Zoom’s Chrome OS extension, a notification pops, informing them to upgrade to join meetings. The PWA can be installed like an Android app on the play store and it functions just like the Zoom app on other platforms. So far, the app has received an average 3.5 stars rating on Google Play. 

The Windows or Mac desktop version offers features like customisable gallery views, self-select breakout rooms, live transcriptions, live translations with assigned interpreters, background masking feature for privacy, and raised hand and meeting reactions. 

According to Zoom, PWAs are quick and more functional than a regular app. It also occupies less storage, making it suitable for cloud-based devices.

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