Will You Be Angry With Your Wife If You Discover She’s Saving From Upkeep Money?

Husbands please will you be happy with your wife,if you discover she is saving from the house keep money? Please give reasons.

I went to spend sometime with my elder sister along with my mum cos she just delivered. And recently her husband was quarreling with her it got so serious that mumsy had to intervene. after everything died down, I asked mumsy what happened she said the man was very angry because his wife which is my sister has been saving money from the upkeep money he’s been given to her.

that if she had any left overs she should have told him so he’ll add it to the next money he’ll give and spend less. he said she’s selfish and inconsiderate.

for me I don’t see any big deal in it cos as a woman a nursing mother she should have some cash in hand.

please what are your views


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