Human beings are wired to the leave a task to the last minute. It is natural for everyone, but it turns out to wreak havoc on our lives. Procrastination steals time and peace. It also delays the success of a particular task if not done immediately.

Procrastination is different from laziness. It is leaving your work to the last moment. An avoidance of obligation. So, why do you need to stop procrastinating?

Procrastination will cost you

Literally, procrastination can affect you in every area of life. This is because, waiting until the last minute to work on a project feels stressful, but once you get it done, you feel better.

It makes you less productive

Even if some believe they can work under pressure and succeed in high-stress environment, putting off your to-do list makes you to accomplish less. This can affect your work.

Research have shown that procrastinators experience more stress and less well-being than the people who work ahead. With this, it might be difficult to get the work done.

Procrastination affects your health

Procrastinators are at an increased risk for heart disease and high blood pressure. According to Fuschia Sirois, Bishop’s University in Quebec, “chronic procrastinators have a higher rate of heart disease, regardless of age, race, educational level or other factors. They also report more headache and other health problems than non-procrastinators.”

To avoid procrastinating, you need to break it immediately. That is, start the project immediately. Once you start, the project won’t seem overwhelming.

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