Why Yobe’s Buni is Nigeria’s Best Governor, By Mustapha Moh’d Gujba

Obviously, It’s very unusual to see new governors executing ‘mighty’ projects in the first year of their administration like the way Gov. Buni is doing. They rather use their first year in office for identifying the caliber of people to be appointed into various offices, fund mobilization, and familiarization of a system that only Allah knows its magnitude of intricacy.

I’m saying it categorically in several occasions, that what makes everything easy for Gov. Buni is that he has already understood the Peace-Development nexus of Yobe state long before now, and that’s why he sought to move a host of enormous initiatives all in first year of his administration despite the nation’s economic crunch.

Believe, Yobe is on right track!, as if H.E. Mai Mala Buni was reelected for the second term in the 2019.

Today, the downtrodden, ranging from Beans cake sellers, Vulcanizers, orphans, and even an Almajiri on street of Yobe can tell you Gov. Mai Mala Buni is a leader with humanitarian disposition, at the same time a uniting figure behind a number of progressive ideas and policies during his year in office.

Some of the projects his government has executed include:

Construction of township road and concrete drainage in Damagum.

Construction of township road and concrete drainage in Buni Yadi.

Construction of township road and concrete drainage in Babbangida.

Construction of township road and concrete drainage in Jajimaji.

Reconstruction & expansion of Specialist Hospital Kumagannam in Yusufari LGA.

Ongoing construction of ultramodern market in Damaturu.

Rehabilitation & Expansion of Yobe state secretariat, Damaturu.

Construction of Classes & Offices at School of Nursing Damaturu.

Rehabilitation & Expansion of PHC in Gadaka, Fika LGA.

Rehabilitation & Expansion of Specialist Hospital Buni Yadi, Gujba.

Rehabilitation & Expansion of Yobe state ministry of Women affairs, Damaturu.

Electrification of Sumsumma community in Damaturu LGA.

Electrification of Buni Yadi town, Gujba.

Construction of 200 bed capacity Hostel in school of Nursing, Damaturu.

Construction of Maternal, New-born and Child Healthcare Complex at Yobe State University Teaching Hospital Damaturu.

Distribution of 28 Customised Tricycle Ambulances at YSUTH in Damaturu .

Launched ‘Operation Haba Maza’ and distributed 30 Toyota Hilux To Police.

Training of 500 Youth
On Paint Production Technology, and supported with capital .

Training of 187 Youth trained on Digital Photography, supported with capital (such as Camera, printer, Generator , Cash, etc ).

Distribution of Food & Non Food Items to 20,000 Households across the state through SEMA.

50 youth are currently undergoing a program tagged as ‘Buni Automotive’ training at Peugeot Automotive plant in Kaduna through SDGs.

Supported Hundreds of young petty traders (Tea sellers, vendors at GSM market, vulcanizers) received cash support from him to expand their businesses.

187 young people trained as volunteers in Gov. Buni livelihood support project through SEMA.

Training and enrollment of 150 young enterprising men and women of Yobe State as money agents under the SANEF scheme through SDGs.

A scholarship package to 69 law graduates to attend the one year Bar Schools.

Payments of foreign school fees of About 204 Yobe youth.

Implementation of Minimum wage both in state and local government since January.

Raised monthly allocation of Yetim Care Orphanage Hoome from N500,000 to N1,000000.

Declaration of state of emergency on education, sets up committee toward reviving education in the state.

Resuscitation of Yobe Aluminum industry in Potiskum.

Resuscitation of Yobe Flour Mill Industry in Potiskum.

Resuscitation of Yobe Polythene and Woven Sack Company Damaturu.

He launched the Fertilizer Sales and Distribution of 103 Tractors Jointly Procured by the State and Local Government Councils in Damaturu.

Ordered the Sale of NPK Fertilizer at N3000.

Distributed about millions of naira to several women petty traders in the state.

Construction of Modern Mosque at Red Bridge estate, Damaturu.

Rehabilitation, renovations & expansion of 56 primary healthcare centers across the state.

Increased monthly allowances of all school of Nursing students by 100%.

Training of over 2000 teachers toward starting Extra lessons to 61,000 pupils through Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education.

Rehabilitation and reconstruction of NYSC orientation camp in Potiskum.

Continuation and completion of 4.5km Damaturu—potiskum DUAL carriageway.

Continuation of 25.5km dual carriageway from Damaturu to Kalallawa (Airport Road).

Construction of Government Day Buni Yadi.

Construction six model primary schools across six local governments.

Ongoing construction of Ultramodern Potiskum Trailer Park.

Electrification of pawari and Nayinawa communities in Damaturu.

Construction of township road with concrete drainage in Malummatari ward in Damaturu.

Massive construction of social infrastructural facilities at sabon garin Mai Mala, in Gujba

Procurement of modern buses to Yobe Line for transport services.

Establishment of Yorota Agency.

Distribution of palliatives to 5000 vulnerable households across 17 local governments through NEDC.

Supply of food items to over 116 Tsangaya schools across the through SEMA.

Provision of vehicles to traditional rulers across the state.

Prompt response to Damaturu water scarcity with massive deployment of all needed equipments.

Construction of road with bridge linking Garin Bingel-Bula-Danchua in Potiskum local government.

Mustapha Mohammad Gujba,
The Political Banker.