Why Jesus Christ Actually Came To The Earth


Every year, the 25th day of the month of December will continue to be a significant day. It is the celebration of the most popular holiday on earth – Christmas. It is the birth of Jesus Christ.

And so, everywhere in the world, Christmas is being celebrated. But unfortunately, many that celebrates Christmas don’t even know the major reason Jesus Christ came to the earth in the first place. Sure, if indeed they have an appropriate knowledge, they won’t go ahead celebrating Christmas in ways that gets God displeased (alcoholism, fornication, etc)

Why did Jesus choose to come?

God originally created the earth to be an extension of Heaven, and He made humans to be perfect creatures to take care of everything He made. He desire (and enjoys) an intimate relationship with humans.

But after our first parents (Adam and Eve) committed the sin of disobedience in the Garden of Eden, the relationship between God and humans got destroyed, and the once-perfect humans became imperfect creatures.

And that’s how sin begin to reign in humans, and the fate of humans became damnation. In successive generations, humans couldn”t help but to commit sin and go contrary to the will of God.

Until God decided to send His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ to come and offer His Own Life to redeem humans back to Himself. He suffered and died on the cross of Calvary to get us back into the will of God.

So, in summary, Jesus came to the earth to redeem us back to God, to make us holy, perfect and acceptable to God.

The method is simple: Accept Him (Jesus) as Lord and Savior of your life, and you will be saved.

Jesus Christ is the Reason for the season. It is absurd to celebrate Christmas without making Him Lord of your life. It is absurd to celebrate Christmas in ways contrary to the will of Jesus Christ the Celebrant Himself.

Do the right thing today. God bless you.


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