‘Why Buhari Doesn’t Wear Face-Mask Like He Mandated Nigerians’ – Presidency Reveals

'Why Buhari Doesn't Wear Face-Mask Like He Mandated Nigerians' - Presidency Reveals

President Muhammadu Buhari has been photographed and recorded in several videos where he wasn’t wearing a facemask in the midst of a national pandemic which is highly contagious and spread through droplets.

While the citizens of the Country have been mandated to wear facemasks in order to prevent the spread of tiny droplets which may speed up the transmission rate of the Covid-19 virus.

A number of people have pointed that the first citizen, President Muhammadu Buhari who has initiated a lockdown weeks ago and has also announced a curfew hasn’t been rocking face masks while addressing the nation.

In his defense, the personal assistant to the President on social media has come out to reveal the reason why President Buhari hasn’t been rocking a face mask in his recent photos.

She took to her Twitter page to make the revelation as she wrote;


Expert Medical Protocol is that if you are in your safe environment, you dont need to wear a mask

Those visiting you MUST wear masks to ensure they leave no droplets in your environment

Wearing of masks is mostly to protect people around us

A lot of Nigerians feel that the President should lead by making himself a model for the compliance of rocking facemask.

Nigeria’s total confirmed Covid-19 case has reached nearly 6,000 as the daily toll continues to rise.