Whiteplains British School is set to release “The Genius Child of the Century”, a reel that depicts the standard of students this great educational institution has so far produced.

Whiteplains British School is an educational institution that has been doggedly delivering intellectual excellence, moral uprightness and genius streak in its students for almost two decades now.

Whiteplains British School’s investment in designing and building excellent and intellectual children has come in all capacities and tactics. Its strides are evident with the national and global recognitions it had garnered over the years.

Therefore, in order to put these records in a timeless archive, WBS has taken another bold and dynamic step called: The Genius Child of the Century.

This “Genius Child of the Century” is a short blockbuster movie that will depict in one child what WBS has been doing with hundreds of children over the years which is transforming them into geniuses.

The story shows a child who builds an electric car and also clones the TESLA’s Cyber truck as well as other futuristic inventions after passing through the programmes of this great institution. The movie will feature real life WBS kids and teachers.

Whiteplains British School also intends to launch a reality show to produce new Child Geniuses that will do these things in real life.

The winner of the reality show will go home with N25 million at the end of each season.

All you have to do is to register a child in Whiteplains British School and participate in its genius empowerment programmes, and your child stands a chance to win this global fame.

WBS wants to promote a show that will give every Nigerian child an opportunity to be positively, impactfully and educationally great.

WhitePlains British school, an institution which boasts of world class education that can match the best secondary schools across the globe, made this unprecedented move in response to the global financial meltdown to lighten educational burden for excellent parents who desire the best for their children.

WBS has quality facilities, air-conditioned boarding hostels, 24-hour electricity and water supply and an academic structure that is recruiting nothing but global and dynamic leadership via its student.

The school also boasts of a world class sports arena that supports various sports including a stadium-size football field, standard swimming pools, and professional basketball courts.

WBS has won tons of awards in various capacities and has won so many recognitions from NGOs, the Nigerian and foreign governments. WBS has a high quality staff curriculum and also handles a robust leadership training centre.

WBS also has phenomenal educational projects like The WORKSHOP, which is a Futuristic Tech Class, Artistic, Sculpting Fairs etc.

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Email: Info@wbsedu.co.uk
Website: Whiteplainbritishschool.com


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