What are the top cloud services providers in Africa?

What are the top cloud services providers in Africa?

The cloud has arrived in Africa and although it is currently in its early stages of development, the impact of cloud services is already visible in various sectors. We can see various banks using cloud services instead of using conventional services. Banks in Africa have now implemented artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that can help them to make investments and also to improve customer experience.

Similarly, we are also seeing various government institutions & organizations using the cloud to improve their public services capability. Large companies and firms are also using cloud technologies and AWS databases to reach mobile and digital customer bases. 

This is just in Africa. If we talk about other continents or developed nations of the world then we would see that businesses are now more focused on digital transformation, trying to make their operations and everything digital, all of which involve the cloud. For all the people who are looking to use cloud services in Africa or shift their business to the cloud in Africa then we have brought for you some of the best cloud providers in Africa that you should know about:

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Amazon Web Services

If you haven’t heard about Amazon Web Services then you probably don’t know much about the cloud. Amazon is a giant in the world of cloud computing. It provides top-notch cloud computing services not only in Africa but also over the whole world. Most of the famous websites or platforms that you visit or use on the internet such as Chatroulette, Airbnb, McDonald’s, Lyft, Netflix, Nokia, Adobe, Omegle and tons of other companies.

The services that you get with Amazon Web Services are amazing. The services are easily scalable, affordable, and flexible, which is what most users are looking for in cloud providers. If millions of users are using AWS for their business then obviously there must be something unique and amazing about it. 

Microsoft Azure

After Amazon Web Services, comes Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is another global provider of cloud computing services that works perfectly in Africa too. With Azure’s open cloud computing platform, you get to invent new inventions with purpose, save up costs on business operations, and make your business more efficient.

Azure is already trusted by businesses in various industries including healthcare, financial services, government sector, retail, and manufacturing. Azure consists of more than 200 cloud products and services that are designed to make everything simple and effective for the customers. Because of how good Azure is, it is trusted by more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies 

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Africa Data Centres

Apart from global cloud providers, we also have the local African cloud providers that work just as fine, if not better. Africa Data Centres is a cloud provider that can improve the efficiency and productivity of your local businesses in Africa. It empowers many of the local businesses in Africa with its out-of-the-box cloud services.

The best thing about Africa Data Centres is that it is designed specifically to help out all businesses to reach new heights. It is here to bring innovation to cloud computing services for the consumers in Africa and currently, it is operating at very high levels as demanded by the customers.

Cloud Africa

Cloud Africa is another cloud provider in Africa that provides high-performing cloud services in Africa. Customers who sign up with Cloud Africa get high-quality services including every instance running on high-end SSD. Along with this, you also get the global standards of security to ensure that the data of your business remains safe and secure. 

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For local businesses, it is a good platform to get started. You can get top-performing cloud computing technologies locally from Cloud Africa with multiple advanced features and a very friendly and responsive customer support team.

Host Africa

Host Africa is another domestic cloud provider on the list that can provide you with high-level and cost-effective cloud services. You can do everything from hosting your websites and domains to getting dedicated servers to store the data of your business and automate your tasks. Along with this, you also get 24/7 customer support as a value-added benefit. It is a well-established cloud hosting company that focuses on satisfying all the customers at a reasonable and affordable price.

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