“Weed Has Damaged The Brain Of My Brother, Help!!”

There’s this cousin brother of mine who has been into this weed stuff of a thing for over two years now.
he’s a very calm and responsible boy that he managed to keep it secret for years now.

During this ASSU strike combined with holiday he seemed to go into the act full time that made me suspect him(my family detest smoking and drug abuse of all kind) so he still managed to keep it hidden.
fast forward to Sunday this week morning.
They called my dad who’s highly respected in the family informing him about how my cousin was misbehaving insulting everyone in the family.
we went there together with my DAD and we were more than surprised about the information we Got.
this guy was talking to everybody anyhow, he even beat a small boy of about 12years and was claiming the boy has witch and he wants to show the boy that he’s stronger than him. this my cousin bro is about 22years of age.
he was even talking to my dad without respect warning his uncles and elder brothers that he would deal with all of them.
that Sunday we took him to our home since his claims that day was that his brothers were the ones looking for his trouble.
he went in took his bath and eat.
after eating, we let him sleep for sometime with high hopes that he would cool off.
he did eventually cool off after waking up but was over reactive to things. he was full of confidence that we all just had to let him be and comply with him at that moment.

That night we slept in our house in my room together. at around 12am he woke me and told me(authoritatively) to relocate to the other room that he wants to pray.
I heeded to him not to provoke him after some few hours he called me again with high command ordering me to come which I did, he said I should stand still where I am and that I should tell him what time it was. I was trying to approximate the time and tell him he said that I should go back and check my phone which I did considering his situation.
he then said I should set alarm at 5:20 am so he can wake to subhi prayee(morning prayer), which I did.
after about every 30min till daybreak, he just walks in to my room to check time till that 5:20 when my alarm rang which he then woke the whole family for prayer.
he was walking to the mosque that morning with hands widely opened and full of confidence.
Monday morning we both were suppose to return back to school on Sunday evening but had to postpone till Monday cos of the situation.
he left my house as early as 8am claiming he has lecture by 10am that morning.
we both reside in different campus so I can’t really tell much about his school life though.
this morning I was called that he refused going to school and that he was misbehaving again even adding me to his list of beefs. he claims no one can force or stop him and he was arrogant to the whole people in the community.
I called and asked if he smoked again and they claimed he didn’t smoke since that Sunday morning and they’ve been watching him since then.
we later did some findings and found out that he bought this weed from a different supplier.
the boy who introduced him to this supplier is my neighbour who is a well known drug and weed abuser.
the guy has been in multiple situation fighting with his parents whenever he smokes.

pls and pls nairalanders, I would like you guys to proffer solution as we wouldn’t like to take him to psychiatric except the needs be.

Pls help push to front page let the world see the negative effect of this drug and also help me with solution..


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