Twitter rolls out access to Spaces analytics for “Hosts and co-hosts”

Twitter rolls out access to Spaces analytics for “Hosts and co-hosts”

Twitter has announced that all Spaces hosts and co-hosts can now view full Spaces analytics. Using the new Spaces analytics tools, you can monitor how many people tuned in, how many presenters were involved, how long each session lasted, and more.

The enhanced data insights could be important in incorporating Spaces into your overall tweet strategy, providing more context for scheduling your audio content and determining whether it has an effect on reach, community building, engagement, and so on.

However, it’s too early to tell whether or not Spaces will prove useful. I don’t think that Twitter has advanced Spaces or Spaces discovery to the point where it’s a substantial component of the platform or a major concern in Twitter’s plans, as has the Clubhouse-led audio social trend.

Although, some brands and individuals might thrive from Spaces broadcasts, and if you can boost engagement with the format – perhaps as a supplement to a monthly Twitter conversation, a regular Q&A, or to provide insight into your business process – there is a potential benefit. 

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Twitter has also introduced replay statistics for recorded Spaces, as well as analytics for ticketed Spaces’ monetisation. The company is attempting to assist Spaces hosts in increasing their engagement as a result of its audio efforts.

This might serve as an additional incentive for potential broadcasters – or, at the very least, it could help users extract more value from Spaces sessions as part of their overall Twitter engagement efforts.

The future of Spaces, and Twitter more broadly, is unknown, and it would not be surprising to see incoming Twitter CEO Elon Musk discontinue the platform entirely as part of his anticipated cost-cutting initiatives.

While it does appear that Spaces adds value, a quick look at the Spaces tab reveals that not many users are tuning in to each session, and it does appear to be losing prominence in the face of the platform’s other improvements and features. However, there may be a fit there, and there may even be more potential if the company gets its subject matching perfect and highlights the most relevant Spaces to each user while they are online.

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Twitter has never been particularly adept at this. Who knows maybe as the platform evolves, Spaces will find new life. Until then, you can experiment with new statistics to gain further insight into your Spaces sessions performed.

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