Controversial Nollywood actor, Tonto Dikeh, and her politician cum anti-corruption activist lover, Prince Kpokpogri, have reportedly parted ways.

Mr Kpokpogri, who is popularly called the prince of Niger Delta, is also the chairman of the Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum.

He also publishes Integrity Watchdog Magazine which is sold in Delta State.

The publicity-loving actress found love again in the arms of Mr Kpokpogri months ago unveiled him on her Instagram handle on June 27 on the occasion of his birthday.

While wishing him a happy birthday with a passionate love message, she wrote, “You’ve shown me that love is best presented as true as they come. You put a spring in my step. Falling in love with you is like the wildest roller coaster ride. Because of you, I have gotten to appreciate the finer things in life.”

“Thank you for making me a better woman. Thank you for bringing immense joy and happiness to me as a woman. Thank you for changing me to the woman I am today.”

This development comes exactly four years after her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill, annulled their troubled marriage which produced 5-year-old Andre Omodayo.

Following the grand unveiling, the lovers regularly openly displayed affection for each other on Instagram and also luxury gifts and cars that they reportedly splurged on each other.

In the thick of their blossoming romance, Dikeh’s fans pleaded with her to take their affair off Instagram and celebrate each other privately.

Their pleas fell on deaf ears as Dikeh took the open display of affection on Instagram a notch higher.

In no time, their ‘enemies’ and gossip blogs went digging for dirt and in no time, they unearthed a leaked voice call which insiders say finally ended the once-promising relationship

Trouble in paradise

The relationship reportedly crashed after a viral voice note and a phone call between Kpokpogri and a socialite was leaked online by a notorious Instagram gossip blogger.

In the voice note, the politician was overheard bad-mouthing the actress and complaining about her behaviour and addiction.

Although the voice sounded so much like Kpokpogri, he has maintained that the voice note was manipulated by mischief makers and is not in any way his voice.

In the audio file, the male speaker, who was alleged to be Kpokpogri could be heard agreeing that he slept with other women.

The voice credited to him was also heard complaining about Tonto’s incessant smoking and drinking because he did not like it.

The trending audio recording caused a stir in the online community and Kpokpogri was forced to make a terse statement to address the issue in an Instagram post where he dismissed the recording as fake.

His statement read, “Kpokpogri recording, Kindly disregard it, I will be on Instagram live on Sunday for clarity sake, distinguishing the fake voices from the real voice if need be,” he said.

But his rebuttal was not enough to salvage the relationship which was already on the brink of collapse

The blogger also claimed that Kpokpogri cheated on Dikeh with a Nigerian socialite and another public figure.

Dikeh and her lover have since unfollowed each other while Kpokpogri has set his Instagram handle to private to avoid and limit comments and unending insults from Dikeh’s fans.

Quick checks on the actress’ Instagram handle by PREMIUM TIMES reveals that she has deleted the post she made on the occasion of his birthday that also announced their relationship.

Tonto reacts

Meanwhile, Dikeh confirmed the report on Saturday evening by acknowledging the Instagram gossip blog that posted the leaked audio conversation between her estranged lover and a female friend.

She also thanked the blogger “for bringing the leaked audio to her knowledge”.

The blogger wrote, “Dear Tonto, I am glad you took that bold step, you dodged a lifetime bullet. A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.”


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