Controversial media personality Toke Makinwa has made a case against men who date ugly girls while they have beautiful women around them.

In a short clip she posted on her Instagram page, Toke said men have a wrong perception about beautiful women like her.

The media personality stated that people believe that beautiful women have plenty of toasters and are always busy, adding that is the reason some men don’t shoot their shots.

Expressing her frustration at the toasting game, the media personality said men want to do the barest minimum and expect a woman to fall for them.

According to her, she doesn’t understand how fine guys date ugly women, adding that it is better to be ugly sometimes.

She said:

“This is me just letting you know that I’m beautiful. It’s okay for you to shot your shots. I’m not begging you o. If you don’t shoot your shots, someone else will. Try your luck. I might say no but try your luck.”

Watch her speak below:


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