TikTok update to support 10-minute long videos


TikTok has been crowned time and again, the king of short-form videos. It boasts millions of creators who create short videos that go straight to the point without the need for a long storyline. TikTok users will agree that these short-form videos are easy to watch while on the go or while trying to pass time.

This outstanding video-sharing pattern has made the platform a threat to other big tech companies like YouTube and Instagram with these platforms shamelessly competing with TikTok. For instance, Meta (Instagram and Facebook), YouTube and the likes have adopted the short-form videos to keep the traffic of their users who seem to be navigating to TikTok.

The announcement of YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels and Snapchat’s spotlight prove the adoption of TikTok’s video pattern true. But, things are changing on TikTok’s end.

Is this TikTok feature a mimicry Of YouTube’s longer video option?

TikTok has over the years added support for longer video lengths than it originally launched with. At first, a limit of 15 seconds long videos could be posted on the platform, then it was extended to 1 minute and then 3 minutes. Comparing this to the video lengths that YouTube offers, one may conclude that TikTok is still treading the “short-form video path,” but the platform is aiming for 10 minutes. The company says they aim at building a better user experience on TikTok, so creators can unleash their “full potential.” This new feature is still rolling out to more users, and it will enable an upload of 10 minute long videos on TikTok.

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This announcement is in effect bringing the competition to YouTube, or better put, bringing “more” competition. These two platforms have been battling it out over the years, and things might get uglier with this announcement. This may be too soon to call but we call dibs on this feature making TikTok integrate ad revenues into its platform and bring funding to more creators. 

Look out for this 10-minute limit feature in the weeks ahead, it will come as an update via Google PlayStore or the App Store. 

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