Three dead, 38 injured in Ugandan blast

Three dead, 38 injured in Ugandan blast

The spokesperson of the Uganda Police Force, Fred Enanga, in a press briefing, has confirmed that three persons have died and 33 injured, while five are in critical conditions from the blast which occurred this morning in the country’s capital, Kampala.

Mr Enanga said the confirmed deaths are the suicide bombers. However, there are body parts littered all over, which they are yet to confirm.

He accused the Allied Democratic Front of being responsible for the blast that occurred in Kampala, adding that the domestic extremists responsible for the incident are linked to the group.

He said this was deduced from the materials found at the scene which include scrap metals, battery and other items that could be found in the market.

According to Mr Enanga, the blasts occurred three minutes apart; the first at the Central Police Station (CPS) and the second at Parliamentary avenue.

He noted that the blast comes 22 days after the previous bus blast.

While assuring Ugandans and visitors alike that the police force is on top of things and will continue to ensure their safety, he urged them to be vigilant, noting that, “these attacks are real and we need to be vigilant.”

He said that CCTV footages captured two of the suicide bombers on a motorbike, disguising as border control officers, before the bombs detonated, killing them as well. Another was also captured detonating himself.

The twin blast occurred this morning in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, NTV Uganda reports.

NTV Uganda said “scores” had been injured and there had been two blasts – one very close to parliament and one near the central police station. The parliament was being evacuated, the television station reported.

The plenary session for today was immediately suspended following the incident.

An NTV Uganda reporter said he saw two bodies. The cause of the blasts was not immediately clear.

“First responders included Red Cross personnel, who were using fire extinguishers to curb the fire on Parliamentary Avenue,” the station said on Twitter.

Stephen Kafeero, a Ugandan journalist, who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES, said, “this is the third or fourth such incident in less than two months. The difference is that this time, it is happening in what you would call the administrative centre.”

Mr Kafeero said some roads in the capital have been closed as security officials mount an operation to diffuse a number of ordinances that have not exploded.

He added that Uganda has been under a 7. p.m. curfew for months and will most likely be extended when the president addresses the country on Friday or earlier, in the light of things.


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