Teni Condems Police Brutality And Harrasment In Nigeria

Teni Condems Police Brutality And Harrasment In Nigeria

Nigerian female songwriter and singer Teniola Apata has fired Nigerian police over the recent happenings in the country.

Citizens of Nigeria have been on fire for some days now after occurrences of rape cases and murder cases rapidly increased in the past few days. A young lady was recently raped by 11 men. A 16 year old student was also murdered by the police while a 22-year old student who went to study in a church was raped and murdered in the church premises.

These current occurrences in the country have spark some anger in most of the citizens, according blame to the Nigerian Police. Most celebrities staged a blackout yesterday, an indication to seek justice for the victims.

Teni has however, taken to her Twitter to fire the Nigerian police for harassing harmless young citizens but are scared to arrest armed robbers.

She tweeted….” Nigerian Police go dey harras young people but them no fit face armed robbers! NONSENSE!!!”

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