Tanzanian image-sharing startup Windowshoppi looks to boost local commerce

Tanzanian image-sharing startup Windowshoppi looks to boost local commerce

Tanzanian startup Windowshoppi, an image-sharing app that allows users to post photos, add locations, and recommend products, is looking to boost local commerce with new product rollouts in the new year.

Launched in September 2020, Windowshoppi is an app designed to allow visual discovery of products. Users can post photos, add links and locations to their posts, and recommend products they like from businesses around them. These businesses can create their own accounts, too.

Co-founder Amri Idrisa, who founded Windowshoppi alongside Daniel Lyatuu, describes the app as a combination of Instagram and Pinterest.

“Windowshoppi is an image-sharing app that is designed to enable users to discover lifestyle inspiration, share images and make recommendations of products they like, businesses around them, and places to visit,” he said.

“Users can add location and link to their post. The app has an in-app browser that enables users to open links without leaving the app.”

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Image-sharing, however, is only the first part of Windowshoppi’s grand plan, with a social shopping platform having also been recently rolled out. Idrisa said online retail in Africa had evolved over the last few years from the more traditional e-commerce model to one more focused on social commerce.

“The uptake so far is good, and the feedback we get from our users is awesome. That is what is keeping us developing the best product for them,” he said.

Bootstrapped right now, Windowshoppi has secured all uptake so far through social media and word of mouth. The startup plans to generate revenue on its platform by selling adverts and taking a commission on each product sold via its platform.

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