Over a hundred thousand people in Tanzania received Christ as their Savior during a 2-week evangelistic crusade. New believers also testified of deliverance, healing, and miracles.

Christ for All Nations (CFAN) reported the wonderful news last week. The late Reinhard Bonke founded the ministry and today, Bonke’s successor, Daniel Kolenda, now heads the team.

One of the speakers in the crusade, evangelist Gary Smith, said that the powerful gatherings left a remarkable imprint in his heart to go for the Lord.

“The last two weeks have been absolutely incredible with thousands of salvation, miracles, and people filled with the Holy Spirit,” he shared.

“People did not want to leave the field once the service was over. The hunger of the people to receive more from the Lord is something you cannot describe.”

Also, those who received the truth in Christ wanted their families to receive what they experienced too. “Family members were bringing me pictures and clothing items,” Gary added. “They were even praying over the phone for their loved ones.”

“Not only were thousands saved, but there were also hands lifted all over the entire field that said Jesus healed them. The testimony line grew longer and longer as people were excited to tell what the Lord has done for them.”

Tanzania is only one of the few countries that did not give mandates on restrictions and lockdowns in observance of the pandemic. Local authorities still allowed outdoor gatherings that made the crusades possible.
Consequently, CFAN hosted a crusade in five of Tanzania’s cities. Graduates of their Bootcamp helped lead the group and evangelized in the marketplaces and schools.

Meanwhile, evangelist Paul Maurer declared God’s power over witchcraft in the area. “When I started praying deliverance prayers, demons began to manifest all over the crowd. Demonized people began screaming, shrieking, and rolling around on the ground as the demons responded to the name of Jesus.”

He continued, “I heard that witchcraft is very prevalent in the area, and I guess that explains why so many needed deliverance. The team told me that the ‘snake pit’ was overflowing with people! It was a joy to hear reports of them getting set-free.”


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