Suspected herdsmen on Wednesday attacked a rice farmer, Amaka Okafor, on her farm at Ogbese town, in Akure North local government area.

She was reportedly attacked after an altercation with the herders, whom she accused of destroying her farm with their cows.

The victim sustained deep machete cuts on her head and hands, resulting in severe bleeding.

She, however, survived the attack after she was rushed to a nearby hospital where she is currently receiving treatment.

The attack is coming despite the rejection of open grazing by the state government.

The Ondo State Government had issued a directive for the eviction of herdsmen from its forest reserves while banning indiscriminate grazing across the state.

The government is, however, planning an enclosed grazing system that would involve herdsmen willing to practice ranching.

The spokesman for the Ondo State Police Command, Leo Tee-Ikoro, confirmed the development.

He said investigations were ongoing and the findings would reveal the true identities of the attackers.

“Fortunately, the woman said she can identify her attackers,” Mr Tee-Ikoro said.

“So, this is a case where the attackers are well known to the woman.”


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