The Senate Committee on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes has described the date discrepancy in the curriculum vitae of a recently confirmed nominee as a typographical error.

There were, however, other differences in the clarification.

Yahaya Mohammad was confirmed as a member of the board of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Tuesday.

The confirmation was a sequel to the consideration of the committee’s report.

However, prior to his confirmation, Jigawa senator, Hassan Hadejia, notified the Senate of a date discrepancy in Mr Mohammad’s CV.

The document portrayed the nominee as having started primary school before he was born. It showed Mr Muhammed’s date of birth as 29 September 1969, and indicated he started school in 1968.

“Let me bring to the notice of the House, certain discrepancies in the report that are contradictory, especially with regard to one of the nominees, Alhaji Yahaya Muhammad, on page 8.

“The nominee, according to the record before us, started his primary school before he was born. There is also an overlap in the sequence of his educational experience because here, he was born on 29 September 1969 and he started his Central Primary school in 1968,” he said.

Pointing out to another discrepancy, the senator said the CV showed Mr Mohammad “was in Borno Teachers College from 1975 and 1988, while simultaneously he was in the College of Administration Studies from 1980 to 1981.”

The Senate went ahead to confirm the nominee despite the issues raised.

This act has generated outcry from Nigerians on social media with many calling out members of the committee and the Senate at large.

Typographical error

In a statement to journalists on Wednesday, the committee said the controversial part of Mr Mohammad’s CV was a typographical error.

A page of Mr Mohammad’s CV was attached to the statement. But the page which contained his bio-data, showed his date of birth as 29 December 1959 – against the 29 September 1969 earlier printed.

The statement signed by the committee chairman, Suleiman Kwari, said the screening process was thoroughly conducted by the panel and senators from the nominees’ districts to the full glare of the public and the media.

“The findings of the Committee were thereafter forwarded to the Secretariat of the Senate for compilation, where the regrettable typographical error related to Alhaji Yahaya Mohammed emanated. It is therefore not true that an unqualified nominee was cleared by the Nigerian Senate.

“In presenting the Committee’s report to the Senate for confirmation, an observation was made by Senator Hadejla on the floor of the Senate to point out the typographical error misstating the year of birth to 1969 rather than 1959. The Resume of the nominee, Alhaji Yahaya Mohammad is hereby attached for public scrutiny.

“The resumé of the nominee was not presented before the Senate. Rather, it was the report of the Senate Committee on Antr-Corruption and Financial Crimes that was presented before the Committee,” part of the statement read.

It is not clear if Mr Mohammad’s real date of birtb is 29 September 1959 or 29 December 1959.

The confirmation of the nominees came barely two weeks after the Senate received President Muhammadu Buhari’s request for the nominees to be confirmed.

Mr Kwari had said the nominees appeared before the panel for screening and gave in-depth responses to questions posed by the committee.


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