The Port-Harcourt born engineer, Saga Adeolu, was nominated for eviction during the first few weeks of the show. He managed to scale through, all thanks to his fans. Saga, whose motto in the BBNaija house was ‘positive vibes only’, spent more time with his love interest, Nini, rather than on improving his game. Here, he tells PREMIUM TIMES more about life after BBNaija and his feelings for Nini.

PT: How did you feel when you were evicted?

Saga: well, I never saw my eviction coming, per se. I believe in myself and hoped that I would make it far. There was sure going to be one winner. When I was evicted, I would say, it was a strong feeling for me because I really just didn’t see it coming. People said I left happily, I mean when they evict you, you can’t turn back, you have to go out, I just had a strong push because I had come far.

PT: Do you have any idea why viewers voted you out?

Saga: Well, I tell people that on this show, there are really no right or wrong strategy or answers. It’s not like a football game where you score goals. BBNaija is such an experiment. It is a human game, so there are no rights and wrongs, so you just do something the viewers would love. You could also do something not good and they would love you as well. The main point is to play drama, which I did excellently.

PT: You also flouted Big Brother’s rules a lot. You also revealed your secret task to Nini. Were you in control? Was it a deliberate act or that was how you felt at that moment?

Saga: I am a very intentional young man. I want you to know that everything I did in that show I did with my full chest. I’m gonna give you a quick summary. Big Brother gave me a task for 200 Abeg Nairas. Nini was crying, so I needed to come through for her as a friend, so I put her emotions over the task as a friend. The task wasn’t ‘tell Nini and leave the house, ‘it was for 200 Abeg Naira. Hope all that makes sense, most people don’t watch the complete show, they just watch a short clip and judge the whole thing.

PT: Do you think you were mentally prepared enough for the show? I mean, it’s one thing to watch from the outside and another thing to be in the house. What was the hardest thing for you?

Saga : Obviously. The hardest part was when Nini was whisked away. I wasn’t given proper information about where she was, we all drew a conclusion that she had a mental breakdown because of what she did before she left. I felt most guilty because we had a fight and I shouted at her. So, I felt I was the reason why she crossed to the other side and then if she didn’t finish crossing the other side, that would have been the end of that show. That incident triggered an experience from my past when I lost my mum and I didn’t get to do enough to save her, that’s exactly what made me emotional.

PT: We really didn’t get to see your artsy side on the show except during tasks?

Saga: Big Brother and I have scores to settle. I kept begging him for pencil and biro because in the show they don’t allow us to carry pencils and biro except during tasks and when the tasks is done, they retrieve it from us. I didn’t have the chance to show it as much.

PT: One of your highlights was your friendship with Nini. Do you think your friendship with Nini marred your chances on the show?

Saga: Well, like I said, it’s a drama show. When they auditioned me, they asked me ‘are you dramatic ‘ and I said I was. Did you feel the drama? I brought the drama to the show. After the show, I was told that I was the most talked about and most popular housemate on the show. That was the whole essence of going to the show. I did achieve that, besides we had a lot of fun.

PT: What was the first shocker you got when you got hold of your phone?

Saga: Well, it wasn’t my phone I held first, it was Ebuka’s phone. He personally showed me a video of me pregnant and dancing and saying that Nini impregnated me, and I was like ‘when am l gonna give birth, what am I going to call the baby’ that was my big shocker.

I also realised that I had 250,000 followers from 400 followers before BBNaija. I was practically nobody (laughs) in the family. I wake up in the morning now, I see prayers from people.

PT: Nini did tell you she had a boyfriend yet you persisted.

Saga: When Nini told me she had a boyfriend, initially I actually kept my distance. But that house is too small, what goes around definitely comes around, and I respected her. So we continued our friendship and then I understood what she was really saying and I controlled my expectations. We continued as friends and we are still friends till now. Nini is with her boyfriend and I’m with my orange drink sipping and minding my business.

PT: The show ends on Sunday. Who are you rooting for?

Saga: I’m rooting for Pere, my brother, because it’s a sentimental thing. He’s my guy, I want my guy to win and he has paid the most dues for the show. Like he suffered a lot and held his head up high so I hope he wins.

PT: While you were in the house, who did you think would win?

Saga: Me and then Whitemoney and this is because people like him a lot.

PT: Why Nini? Why do you like her a lot?

Saga: she’s amazing, you will get to meet her

PT: What’s next for Saga?

Saga: My arts. I want to showcase my arts, attend exhibitions locally and internationally. Art is an emotional thing and as you guys can see, I’m very in touch with my emotions. Check my account and also watch out for my fitness. I want to also work with fitness brands and fashion brands.


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