Rain of tributes for Rainoil @25 –

Rain of tributes for Rainoil @25 – The Sun Nigeria

God’s Will Technical Construction applauds Rainoil @25

A metal construction and fabrication company, God’s Will Technical Construction, has applauded Rainoil Limited, an integrated energy company operating in the downstream sector, for it’s contribution to the development of Nigeria’s economy in the last 25 years.

As gathered, Rainoil Group has grown to be an organization with extensive operational network and national reach, achieving great feats in the downstream sector of the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. It said that it’s relation with Rainoil has been a robust one, which waxes stronger by the day.

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“We honestly confess that our relationship has been very cordial since we started doing business with the company. The company has been of help directly and indirectly in some many ways.

“Keeping the company running is a great task especially at this crucial time. Rainoil through it’s continual patronage has kept us in business all these years and the result has brought tremendous increase in our profitability. The mode of doing business is also very easy and the term of payment is punctual.

“We started working with Rainoil this year, precisely and we hope to continue to provide the best of our services beyond not only delivery of jobs but to offer other special services needed from us at any time,” the company said. It added that the establishment of Rainoil has brought positive impact on not only the immediate environment it operates, but for the entire country. Rainoil is providing job opportunities for a numbers of people across the country, alleviating poverty from the society, keeping companies running through energy service provision, letting out jobs for contractors and suppliers and building facilities to improve lives.

“We rejoice with the director, the management staff members and entire staff of Rainoil on your 25 years of meritorious service to the nation. We wish you many prosperous years of celebrations ahead. Our expectation is that you keep your good works by continual patronage of local manufacturers so as to grow local contents in our oil industry. We commend the continual growth and the readiness to keep up challenges and to explore more avenues that enhance growth; its inclusion of local which in turn reduces cost by eliminating the burden of high foreign exchange,” the company commended.

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The fabrication company, which is located on Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, Ogere, Ogun State, provides industrial solutions in constructing and fabricating trailer tankers, open and closed semi-trailer bodies, tipper buckets, underground tanks, surface tanks, filling station canopy, warehouse building, etc.

Rainoil has built enduring goodwill in Nigeria, says Mulak Special Steel Construction Works

One of the leading steel construction companies in Nigeria, Mulak Special Steel Construction Works Nigeria Limited, has poured encomiums on Rainoil Limited for its steadfastness in providing job opportunities for thousands of Nigerians.

The Chairman and Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Mulak, Mr. Mutiu Ademola Olalekan, said the company has in the last 25 years not relented in promoting best services and products across Nigeria.

According to him, Ranoil’s knack for quality service has earned the company a growing goodwill in all parts of the country. He urged other oil and gas companies operating in the downstream sector to emulate Rainoil’s consistency and trustworthiness.

On their relationship, he said: “The company has tremendously helped to build up our business with myriad of jobs awarded to us. It’s an honour working with your company. It has been able to build an eminent goodwill in the society with brilliant team of dedicated workers and friendly work environment”.

“As Rainoil is celebrating 25 years of success in business, our expectation is that their standard should not be compromised. They should continue to build a formidable relationship with their business associates”.

“Rainoil has been very successful in business because of their transparency, hard work, honesty and relentless effort to be better everyday.”

“It has reiterated it’s commitment to fill the voids in the energy sector through the company’s mission to create superior value for all customers.

Olalekan said that his company on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Felele, Ibadan, Oyo State, was willing to continue to build a symbiotic relationship with Rainoil to create more jobs for Nigerians. Besides mainly known in the oil and gas sector, Rainoil has established Rainoil Logistics Services Limited, which drives the delivery of it’s energy products to the company’s customers nationwide. It has also recently deepened LPG penetration in the country with the launch of an ultra-modern BOOOMT LPG storage facility in Ijegun area of Lagos.

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Rainoil critical to Nigeria’s economic growth – Allah's Will construction

Allah’s Will Construction Works Limited has said that Rainoil Limited is committed to the development of the petroleum downstream value chain, which is critical to Nigeria’s economic growth.

Speaking for the construction company, Mr. Odesola Muritala Akintayo, explained that Rainoil’s consistent growth was accelerated by it’s unwavering integrity, consecration, commitment and loyalty, which he described as it’s virtues and core values.

“We are the tanker builder and the construction company that built Rainoil’s first tank 24 years ago, meaning that our relationship with Rainoil limited is now 24 years old.  Rainoil has impacted us positively in the following ways: Continued patronage from 24 years ago till date; prompt payment of our bills; referral of friends and business associates to us for business transactions and Rainoil Chairman is very inspirational to me and he allows Allah’s Will to grow along with Rainoil.

“Our advice to Rainoil is to hold on to her core values with all tenacity and we strongly believe that all these outstanding achievements are just the beginning of her greatness in Jesus name, Amen.  We heartily congratulate Rainoil Limited, the Chairman, the entire staff and all stakeholders for surmounting all the turbulent business terrains in the last 25 years,” Akintayo said.

As learnt, Rainoil, from the retail business, now has presence in 26 States with over 130 stations, to being the only player in the downstream sector with bulk storage facilities strategically located in three key locations in the country Allah’s Will, located on KM 127-500 Ibadan/Lagos, Expressway, Ibadan Oyo State, commended Rainoil for always insisting on quality of works and products in the interest of all stakeholders, particularly the final consumers.

Rainoil always gives back to the society – Ibrahim

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Metal Mate Limited, Mr. Oluwatoyin Ibrahim, has said that Rainoil Limited is renowned for giving back to the society.

Speaking on his relationship with the MD of Rainoil, he said: “I have known him for about 20years now and he has been an avid supporter and patron of our business.”

He continued by describing how the company had been of help to his own business, particularly in the area of growth, saying, “Rainoil has been of tremendous help to me and my organization via patronage of our business over the years. We have been a part of their journey in the transportation of petroleum products around the country and their patronage has played a part in keeping us in business.

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“We have been doing business with Rainoil for over 19 years without pause or break.  On it’s impact on the immediate environment in the area of corporate social responsibility and what the community has benefited from the company, I will say they are an environmentally-conscious organization that has always given back to society via various social impact outreaches and projects.

“As the company celebrates it’s 25th anniversary and my expectations from them in terms of improvement in their services to their business associates, it is said that the only room in the world that never gets filled is the room for improvement”.

“They are doing very well already but there is the need to stay alert to find opportunities to improve on the overall quality of service delivery so that they can remain at the forefront. Their true commitment to excellence in service delivery plus an unmatched support for indigenous businesses to thrive and grow with them is second to none. Rainoil has been very successful in business and what has helped them to grow so fast in business is purposeful leadership and unwavering commitment to delivering on the vision of the organisation,” Ibrahim said.

Metal Mate, on Km 4, Sagamu–Ikorodu Road, Sagamu, Ogun State, is an indigenous Automotive and Structural Steel Engineering company that specialises in the fabrication of different types of semi-trailers for the movement of wet and dry cargo, as well as various wet and dry storage facilities.

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