Psychologists seek improvement in learning outcomes

Psychologists seek improvement in learning outcomes

The Association of Nigerian Educational Psychologists has stressed the importance of educational psychologists in improving learning outcomes.

The group’s president, Mrs Eniola Olajobi, in an interview with our correspondent on Thursday said the association was formed to bring together educational psychologists in the country to promote research and development in the field of learning.

She said, “Our aim is to advance and transmit knowledge about educational psychological processes, to provide a strong foundation in the basic knowledge and skills required for advanced study and practice in educational psychology, and to provide the affordability and competence required for successful careers.

“The work of educational psychologists in schools is very crucial. We study the social and mental processes involved in learning and use scientific findings to make learning better. Educational Psychologists also foster educational development by working with children, adolescents and even adults at the tertiary level of learning. In addition, we work with teachers and students to examine factors that hinder learning and equip them with skills to make education easier.

“Educational psychologists improve learning outcomes and promote educational success by working hand-in-hand with parents, teachers, communities and authorities to improve the teaching process.

“For parents, they can be trained on how to take active roles in their children’s education. Teachers can be instructed on how to build students academically. Communities and authorities can work with schools and families to make sure that learning is done in conducive environments.”

Olajobi added that the Association would be inaugurated on December 1.

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