Scores of protesters under the umbrella of #RevolutionNow, on Friday, held a peaceful rally to express dissatisfaction over the state of affairs of Nigeria on her 61st independence anniversary.

The protesters, comprising youth and the elderly, marched from New Garage, around 11 a.m., to the Gani Fawehinmi park at Ojota, about a three kilometre distance.

Despite the heavy presence of police officers, the protesters kept chanting solidarity songs, to show displeasure with the state of the country.

At least 50 police officers, led by Kehinde Adeniran, the Area Commander of Area H, Ogudu, were at Ojota to wait for the protesters.

On arrival at Ojota, the protesters expressed their grievances over the governance pf Nigeria, with many of them chanting “Buhari must go, Buhari must go.”

Juwon Sanyaolu, one of them, said while Nigeria is marking its 61 years of independence, citizens are languishing in sorrow, poverty, unemployment, and economic hardship.

“There is nothing for us to celebrate, the Buhari-led administration has drawn Nigeria backward and people are suffering greatly,” he said.

Kehinde Agebo, a member of #RevolutionNow group, said President Muhammadu Buhari “has failed Nigerians since 2015 with banditry, kidnapping, insecurity going on around the country.”

Festus Ogun, a lawyer, said Nigeria is far from being independent as the country does not respect the rule of law and fundamental human rights.

“An independent country will find a leading solution to unemployment, poverty and penury in the land,” he said.

“We are so unlucky in Nigeria, we are so unfortunate to be led by a set of callous, irresponsible, and terrible set of individuals.

“We are saying enough is enough to the madness of this set of individuals. We have been cheated for too long and that is why we are coming out. We are not intimidated by the presence of security officers or shenanigans of the police.

“We have come and our message is simple, we cannot get freedom unless we have a country that works for all, the government of this country works for the few elite,” he said.

Mr Ogun said Nigerians are in bondage of misrule, bad governance, insecurity, unemployment, poverty and terrible infrastructure.

“Nigeria does not belong to the few in power, Nigeria belongs to all of us,” he added.

A similar protest by the #RevolutionNow group held at the Federal Capital Territory on Friday morning. They were, however, dispersed by security agents.


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