Amalgamated Atiku Support Group has said the governing All Progressives Congress 9APC) has run out of ideas and should be voted out of office in 2023.

This was stated by the National Coordinator of the group, Mr. Oladimeji Fabiyi,  in a statement titled ‘2023: Atiku most prepared, experienced to rescue Nigeria from APC,’ in Abuja, on Friday.

While noting that Nigerians have been forced to resort to seeking divine intervention because the APC leaders have run out of ideas, while Nigeria’s unity is currently facing its severest crisis.

This now made the group said former Vice President Atiku Abubakar remains the most prepared among aspirants within the rank and file of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)and was in the best position to wrestle power from the APC in 2023.

Unfortunate that PDP is not dealing with its internal problems – APC Chieftain

Reacting to the statement, a chieftain of the APC, Abdullahi Jalo described the situation as unfortunate, saying the group has instead of trying to deal with the crisis in the PDP is trying to drag our party into it.

“The APC has performed and is performing, Nigerians will vote for us again and again.”

Meanwhile, The group also condemned a recent statement credited to the pro-PDP group, PDP Agenda 2023, which urged the party not to “waste” its Presidential ticket on Atiku because he was old and unpopular among Nigerians.

“This anti-Atiku group is ignorant of the dynamics of our politics and recent election trends. Atiku is the most adequately prepared and experienced political candidate in Nigeria to confront the APC.

“If the authors of the anti-Atiku campaign knew what they were talking about, they should not have brought up the age issue. President Joe Biden is 78 and Speaker Nancy Pelosi is 81 and she is one of the strongest and most effective lawmakers ever elected in the United States,” Fabiyi said.

He also stated that Nigerians are currently facing their worst economic nightmare; insecurity is getting worse as schools are closed down because of constant attacks by bandits; food prices are so expensive that survival is becoming a serious challenge for most ordinary Nigerians.

Nigeria, he argued, would require a man with the compassion and political skill of Atiku to take her out of the woods.

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