The price of the beans in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, is higher than rice, for the first time in decades.

A cup of beans now sells for N170, while rice is N150, according to a survey carried out between September and October 2 by PREMIUM TIMES.

A wholesaler, Mohammed Aliyu, attributed the increase in beans price to low rainfall in northern Nigeria. Most of the beans consumed in southern Nigeria come from the north.

Grace Usen, a mother of two, said she was surprised about the price increase when she went to the market last week in Uyo.

She said she bought 10 cups of beans at N1, 700, instead of N1500, which she had budgeted.

“When I got home I told my children beans is (now) more expensive than rice, and that when they exhaust the one I have just bought, (beans) will now become optional,” she said.

Besides beans, red (cooking) oil, bread, crayfish and eggs and other basic food items have had their prices scaling up to new peaks in September.

The price of cooking oil increased by 40 per cent in the past three months. The product, which was sold at N500 in June, is currently sold at N700 per litre.

The price of bread also jumped by over 40 per cent, according to the survey.

Within three months, the price for a loaf of bread (900 gram) increased from N450 to N700.

The increase in exchange rate between naira and dollar is said to be responsible for the surge in bread price.

A baker in Uyo, Chinemelum Orazulike, said the price of the bread would continue to soar as the exchange rate rises

Also, crayfish, a major ingredient for soup-making, has been up by 35 per cent within the last three months. A four-litre container of crayfish goes for N2,700 in October, as against N2,000 in July.

Egg prices have also increased in the last four months. A crate of eggs is up by 25 per cent. A crate, which contains 24 eggs, was sold at N1, 200 in July. It now goes for N1, 500.

Cooking gas price has jumped by 30 per cent in four months, from N500 per kg in June to N650 in October.

The price of garri has also gone up in Uyo – it is N200 for three cups. Before now, it was N200 for four cups.


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