A Nigerian broadcaster and human rights advocate,  Ahmed Isah, popularly known as Ordinary President, who anchors the popular Berekete family show on Human Rights radio Abuja, has publicly apologised for hitting a lady on his show.

Mr Isah on Wednesday during the show apologised to Nigerians for his actions. He was joined by several listeners, some of whom called in to apologise on his behalf.

A BBC documentary that premiered on May 17, 2021, showed Mr Isah, losing control and slapping a lady identified as Susan who was accused of burning her little niece’s hair who she claimed is a witch. From the documentary, the little girl suffered a major burn on her head.

Following this documentary, many Nigerians flayed Mr Isah for his violent reaction while interviewing the suspect on his show. Some, however, commended Mr Isah for his many humanitarian works.

Ahmed Isah apologises on Brekete show

Mr Isah, while apologising on his show on Wednesday, however, accused Peter Nkanga, the reporter who shot the documentary of “trying to set him up with his wife”.

“Peter Nkanga, because he knows I like women, it appeared he wanted to set me up with his wife who at a time called me continuously saying ‘some kind things’ and when I asked she told me she was his wife and a lawyer…”

Mr Isah also announced that the Brekete show would no longer continue after this month.

“…I do not know how this will sound to you all. I did not consult with anyone but by the first of next month we will stop the programme; since the programme (Brekete show) is their problem.”

He, however, ‘rescinded’ his decision of stopping the show after listeners pleaded with him not to give ‘the enemy’ what they wanted.

When this reporter tried to reach Mr Nkanga for comments, he continuously declined calls. He also did not respond to a text message sent to his mobile number as of the time of filing this report.

Meanwhile, while apologising on the Brekete show, Mr Isah accused some unnamed persons of “plotting to kill him”.

According to him, “… I got a security call from someone in Anambra asking me not to come, that the people who were pressuring me had planned to kill me…”

Mr Isah made these comments in response to a story of eight young boys who were allegedly taken from their homes in Anambra State 20 years ago by a one time senator of Anambra North.

According to the BBC report, “these boys were taken from their homes for allegedly throwing fireworks at the ex-senator who responded by sending vigilantes to round them and since 2001 no one has seen them”.


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