[PODCAST] Relooting African art with NFTs

[PODCAST] Relooting African art with NFTs

If you listened to the last Techpoint African Podcast, you definitely remember Oluwanifemi and Chimgozirim going at it for several minutes, debating the Nigerian government’s decision to tax calls to provide healthcare.

On Tuesday, it was the Nigerian government. Today we talked about the Kenyan government’s plans to roll out a telemedicine programme. But that’s not all we talked about, so let’s not put the cart before the horse.

For one, the news of Uber reaching a billion rides in Africa warranted a mention, albeit brief. Oluwanifemi had some interesting tidbits concerning the length of time it took them to get this milestone on the continent, compared to India, South Asia, and the UK.

But it also made a nice segue into the African Mobility Conference organised by GIG Mobility which will hold on June 2, 2022, at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. With the theme, “Pathways to the future of mobility in Africa,” there should be quite a lot to unpack, especially as regards shaping the mobility narrative on the continent. Register to attend here.

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From there, we moved on to discussions on the Kenyan government’s plans to roll out a telemedicine programme. Thankfully, there were no debates like last week, but that was probably the calm before the storm.

Another topic on the discussion table was the Central African Republic’s decision to launch an official crypto hub named Sango. You may recall the country revealing its plan to make Bitcoin a reference currency a few weeks ago. You can listen to the episode where we discussed it here.

While we are not sure how the name is pronounced, we — read Bolu — had some fun coming up with different variations.

And then came the storm. A Nigerian named Chidi Nwaubani has launched a project called “Looty” to reclaim artefacts stolen by European colonisers by creating 3D images and selling them as NFTs.

If you wonder why there was a storm, you might want to listen till the end of today’s podcast, where Emmanuel, Oluwanifemi, and Chimgozirim hash out some questions you might have.

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