Photos Of Landmark University, Omu Aran Library

The library of Landmark university Omu aran. The university is was founded in 2010.

Four things are very impressive about Landmark as it is fondly called.

1) All campus buildings are in different shades of green. Though strange to me because I am not a fan of green color, it is quite unique. The Library has the deepest shade.

2) One of the two most notable things everyone says about this campus on visit is the landscaping and floral beauty. Everywhere not covered by a tarred road is covered by flowers.

3) The second notable thing is the road network. The road network can best be experienced rather than described. Each building exist on her own and is giving a measured and consistent distance to the nearest building. Each building has a mini garden and a sufficient car park. The campus was portioned after the university of California Berkeley.

4) Very Quiet: this is very uncharacteristic of Nigerian Universities which are bustling centres of activities. The university is so quiet you can hear the chirping bird sounds in the afternoon.

I would recommend this university for Introverts who like their personal space. I would advise an extrovert or very social persons to assess it by themselves before applying.


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