Pastor David Ibiyeomie’s Wife Celebrates Christmas With Widows And Orphans (Pics)


It is the biblical mandate from God to care for the orphans and widows, and this command has been consistently practiced by Pst. Mrs. Peace Ibiyeomie.

Mama as she is fondly called is the wife of the presiding pastor, David Ibiyeomie, of Salvation Ministries and she is totally sold out to this mandate and has taken diverse steps to bring the widows close and nurture them with God’s word undiluted, and also provide them with material needs so they don’t feel isolated from the society.

Caring for the physical and spiritual needs of widows has always been an integral part of the ministry of Pst. Mrs Peace Ibiyeomie and this forum is designed to provide spiritual and emotional support, practical resources, encouragement, and fellowship for the widows from different denomination in variety of ways. It is also to help them flourish in the midst of difficult circumstances and loss.

Once every month, Mama gathers the widows to pray for the wellbeing of their children and also feed them with God’s word. She also meets so many of their physical needs like providing food, clothing, capital for small scale businesses, school fees for their children and medical bills for those that are sick.

She extends this love to widows beyond Rivers state to other states like Plateau, Imo and Delta among others.

God bless Mama Peace Ibiyeomie!



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