Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, alongside presidents of 11 countries on Wednesday in Kampala, attended the inauguration of re-elected Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni.

The event, held at the Independence Grounds in Kampala, will be Museveni’s sixth inauguration as a democratically elected leader.

Osinbajo graces Museveni’s inauguration in Kampala

Museveni was declared the winner of the January 14 election after defeating opposition candidates.

The event featured parades, inspection of guards, flypast, Ugandan Special Forces display, cultural display, among others.

Presidents who attended the ceremony were those of Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Guinea, Conakry, South Sudan, Namibia, Ghana, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Osinbajo graces Museveni’s inauguration in Kampala

Other countries represented in official capacity were Sudan, Gabon, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Mozambique, Saharawi Republic, Algeria, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, China, Egypt, Zambia, Sri Lanka and Malawi.

The Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki and Peter Makhuki, Secretary-General, East African Community, also graced the event.

Earlier in his address, Museveni harped on Pan-Africanism and the importance of African integration.

He said that economic, and where possible, political integration in Africa, was pivotal in addressing the issue of prosperity and security in the continent.

Mr Osinbajo has departed Kampala for Abuja, Nigeria. (NAN)


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