On Tech Bytes #10, Dave Partner talks crypto and the risks

Dave partner discusses crypto dip on Tech Bytes

The tenth episode of Technext’s podcast series Tech Bytes featured a discussion with Dave Partner, a software engineer and tech tutor on risk options currently available for investors in the crypto market, given the prevailing market volatility.

As usual, this episode of Tech Bytes featured a review of major news items in the tech space, conversations and events in the world of tech during the week. You can read on these stories by clicking on the links below:

  • Amazon planned expansion to 5 countries in Africa, Europe and South America
  • Kenya foodtech startup Kune shuts down after raising fund
  • Elon Musk denies being responsible for inciting his followers to invest in cryptos
  • Uganda plans to launch its first satellite by September
  • Netflix lays off additional 300 employees

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Tech Bytes eps 10, with Dave Partner

Tech Bytes with Dave Partner

The major conversation in the episode focused on the current meltdown of the crypto space and the advisable path for investors looking to maximise gains and minimise losses.

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You can listen to the full episode of this week’s Tech Bytes below:

Tech Bytes eps 10 with Dave Partner

The crypto market experienced downturns that led to major losses, and it is only starting to recover in bits.

The guest speaker, Dave Partner noted that there are two things that could have caused it, including the collapse of the Tera UST, due to a lack of trust from the investors in the viability of the coin, given its recent performance in the market.

Dave Partner discusses crypto dip and the alternatives available to investors
Dave Partner discusses crypto dip

The second reason is that the stock and crypto markets are affected by the U.S. government’s financial decisions since the crypto market is linked to U.S. government policies.

He argued that cryptocurrency had not fully matured to the point where it was free from being impacted by government regulations.

Partner says:

The real changes that would happen to the crypto market would happen when more people buy into the idea, when people have acquired enough crypto, thus using fiat money will sound stupid.

Dave Partner

According to Partner, investing in cryptocurrencies is similar to investing in real estate since both have the potential to generate significant profits over the long term—but only if their owners view them as such.

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