NYSC 2019 Batch B: Thread On Important Information

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NYSC Ultimate Guide [NYSC senate list, NYSC timetable, NYSC Registration Portal]: Good news for all prospective corps; the long-awaited NYSC batch b 2019 registration process has begun and the process started with the release of the NYSC senate list for 2019 batch b prospective corp members before the release of the mobilization timetable by the National youth service corps governmental body

NYSC Dashboard Portal

There are guidelines for the mobilization process and it is expected that every PCMs follow the guidelines step by step for successful mobilization.

Guidelines for NYSC Mobilization of Graduates into National Service [NYSC timetable]

NYSC mobilization has begun and according to the NYSC Director General

“As part of efforts aimed at ensuring that only eligible graduates who pass through duly accredited full-time courses are mobilized for participation in the National Youth Service Corps, the NYSC Management is collaborating with relevant regulatory bodies of the respective Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) – the National Universities Commission (NUC) for Universities and degree awarding institutions and the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) for Mono/Polytechnics as well as the entry admission examination body- Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

Accordingly, the data of all prospective corps members as submitted for mobilization by their respective institutions, are subjected to screening for conformity with the requirements of these regulatory/examination bodies. In this regard, all prospective corps members whose admissions are not known to JAMB will be deemed to be improperly admitted. The admission status of such students will require the affected CPIs to regularize same with JAMB.

Similarly, all Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) have been advised to abide by the extent admission quota approved by the NUC and NBTE respectively in making a submission for mobilization. Any submission in excess of quotas approved will not be accepted. Graduates of courses not duly accredited by these regulatory bodies will not be mobilized for service.

It should be stated, for emphasis, that the regularization of admissions with JAMB is the duty of the Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs), just as the confirmation of approved admission quota for each course and the determination of their accreditation status is the prerogative of the regulatory bodies – NUC and NBTE

It is imperative to state that the NYSC will not act as a liaison office between the Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) and these regulatory/examination bodies. This much had earlier been brought to the notice of CPIs at the last Pre-Mobilization Workshop held in Ilorin, Kwara State on Thursday 16th January 2013. Corps Producing Institutions which are unable to conclude the regularization exercise during the 2013 Batch ‘A’ service year could still be considered in subsequent Batches when the outstanding issues would have been resolved by the institution.

It has become expedient to bring this information to the attention of the general public for necessary guidance.

Thank you.


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Like I told you earlier that NYSC senate list is out and by now you should have successfully checked if your details are on the NYSC senate list of your institution.

[size=20pt]How to check if your Name is on NYSC senate list [NYSC timetable][/size]



NYSC senate list is a list of documents that contains the details [Names] of all the graduate students from their various institutions who are Eligible to partake in the registration process. For you to successfully check if your details are on the NYSC senate list, Click the link.

Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University Senate List Is Out

This is to announce to all NYSC 2019 Batch B Prospective Corps members from Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University that the approved senate list is out.

If you belong to this institution, go to your school or ask friends to help you check your name.

See pictures:

Once we have information about the other institutions, we will keep updating this post. We are still waiting for the official announcement of the NYSC timetable.

Furthermore, You can also contact your school to know their position on the issue of the Senate list. Please stay connected and make sure you belong to our WhatsApp group, facebook group and also our facebook page and Telegram News channel. You really don’t want to miss out from anything important.

Ahmadu Bello University Approved Senate List

Are you aware that the Ahmadu Bello university senate list is out! The list has been pasted and you check the list by visiting the Ahmadu Bello university DSA.

Ignatius Ajuru University Of Education Begins Mobilization

Are you aware that the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education! The list has been pasted and you check the list by visiting the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education DSA [Division of student affairs]. The Ignatius Ajuru University of Education officially begins Mobilization for NYSC 2019 Batch B

Bayero University Senate List Is Out

Are you aware that Ignatius Bayero University! The list has been pasted and you check the list by visiting the Bayero University DSA [Division of student affairs].

NYSC timetable, NYSC Dashboard Portal, NYSC senate list

How to Do Your NYSC certificate Verification

Moreover For you to be able to carry out your NYSC certificate verification process in 2019/2020 follow the below procedures;

Log in to the certificate verification portal, click here

Click on the ‘proceed to verification’ to launch the application

For Existing Users, log in with your username and password

If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgotten password” link

For New Users, click on the “Sign-up” link

To create a new account, click on the “Sign up” link. On the next page, click on “Make Payment”. Fill the form and make the subscription payment.

After successful payment, you will be redirected to the login page to start verification.

On the subsequent log in an existing account holder can log in with the already created username and password



If you are having issues trying to collect or replace your NYSC certificate of exemption, Below are the requirements for collection/replacement of certificate of exemption.

In accordance with the National Youth Service Corps Decree 1993 section 2 subsection (1) it is stipulated that;

“With effect from 1st August 1985, a person shall NOT be called upon to serve in the service corps if, at the date of graduation or obtaining his diploma or other professional qualification” :

He is over the age of thirty (30) years
He has served in the Armed Forces of the Federation or the Nigeria Police Force for a period of more than nine months; or
He is a member of staff of any of the following:
The Nigerian Security Organization or
The State Security Service, or
The National Intelligence Agency or
The Defence Intelligence Service
He has been conferred with any National Honour.

These categories of persons are therefore exempted from service and issued with the Certificates of Exemption.


Nigerian Graduates either home or overseas trained who have the stipulated qualification of (B.SC, B.A or HND) from approved or accredited Institution by (NUC, MTBE or NCCE) are eligible for Exemption Certificate however while foreign trained graduates must submit their Certificates at the Mobilization Department for Evaluation.


Collection of NYSC Exemption Letter/ Certificate Of Exemption For HOME TRAINED GRADUATES

The process begins with the Corps Producing Institutions.

The tertiary institutions attended. The School submits the master list of their graduates alongside with the Senate approved result to NYSC.
A print-out is processed by NYSC classifying those to be called up for service and those to be exempted. This print-out is sent back to the Institutions for verifications and corrections after which they are returned to NYSC as an agreed/corrected document.
With the print-out, the Certificates of Exemption are produced, documented and sent back to the Institutions for issuance to the appropriate persons.

Please note: Collection of Certificate of Exemption for home trained graduates is only done in the Institution of graduation and not in NYSC office.

Collection of NYSC Exemption Letter/ Certificate of Exemption for FOREIGN TRAINED GRADUATES

The process begins with the evaluation of credentials and other related documents i.e. International passport.

After the evaluation of credentials, the foreign-trained graduate is then registered and this is physically done at the NYSC directorate headquarters, Abuja. It is at the point of registration that the classification of who to be called-up or who to be exempted; is determined.
Certificates of Exemption are therefore produced for those exempted from service.
Such Certificates of Exemption for foreign graduates are to be collected at the NYSC directorate headquarters at the stipulated time communicated.

Please note:

Collection of Certificate of Exemption is grouped under the three batches of the service year, depending on the date of registration. Moreover, This equally would be communicated to exempted graduates at the point of registration.
Similarly, Collection of Certificate of Exemption is strict with identification such as International passport and the bearer MUST BE PHYSICALLY PRESENT.

CORRECTIONS/COMPLAINTS of NYSC Certificate of Exemption (NYSC Exemption Letter)

Issues of complaints and corrections for home trained graduates are to be routed through the Institutions of graduation.

The school then forwards such cases with necessary attachments such as a photocopy of print-out to NYSC for the purpose of rectification or further necessary action.

Foreign-trained graduates are to submit a handwritten application with the attachment of photocopy of International passport –data page and original Certificate of Exemption to be addressed to the Director-General, NYSC NDHQ, Abuja, indicating their address and telephone number.

REPLACEMENT of NYSC certificate of Exemption (NYSC Exemption letter)

In the case of loss of Certificate of Exemption, the following steps are to be taken.

NYSC timetable, NYSC Dashboard Portal, NYSC senate list

Replacement of NYSC certificate of Exemption (NYSC exemption letter) for Home Trained

A letter of notification/request routed through the Institution of graduation and addressed to the Director-General, NYSC.

Police Extract/Report

Court Affidavit

Where available, a copy of the lost Certificate of Exemption

Replacement of NYSC certificate of Exemption (NYSC exemption letter) for  Foreign Trained

A letter of notification/request addressed to the Director-General, NYSC.

Police Extract/Report

Court Affidavit

Photocopy of International passport

Where available, the copy of the lost Certificate of Exemption

It is the policy of the Scheme not to reprint lost or burnt Certificates. Letters of Confirmation are issued instead.


[size=20pt]Sample of NYSC Registration Form [NYSC timetable,NYSC registration portal, NYSC Dashboard Portal][/size]

Above is a sample of how the NYSC registration form looks like and you can use this to know what details you should fill and how to fill it.

[size=30pt]There is more to read; COntinue reading by clicking Here[/size]

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