Ntel Data Plan Prices 2018: 4G Unlimited Subscription

Ntel Data Plan Prices 2018: 4G Unlimited Subscription

When it comes to internet data services in Nigeria, Ntel offers the best rates.

Ntel is also the only network that offers “unlimited” data in the real sense of the word; the unlimited data is not capped like other networks.

This post provides you with the details of all Ntel data plan 2018.

Ntel internet service is quite robust. Unfortunately, the service is not yet available in every state in the country.

The network currently covers three major states: Abuja, Lagos, and Portharcourt. All other states are yet to receive its services. Also, Ntel is a 4G/LTE network. It only works on 4G smartphones.

For most users, the speed of the network is excellent and they are happy with it.

From various speed tests, the speed ranges from 30mbps to 75mbps. 8mbps is equal to 1MBps. So on average, you’ll be getting a speed of around 4MBps to 9MBps. This is way ahead of other network offerings in Nigeria whose speed is over capped at 1MBps to 2MBps.


Ntel Data Plan 2018

Like all other networks in Nigeria, Ntel internet data plan comes in different packages or bundles. The plan can often be categorized into two different portions: regular and unlimited data plan.


Regular Data Plan

The regular data plan offers you services common to all network providers in the country. For this plan, you are actually paying for a particular quantity of data to be consumed within a specific period of time. It also comes in two categories: data + voice and data only offer.


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Data + Voice Offer

This plan offers you data plus voice time. If you do not need a voice plan, I suggest you go for the data only plan as it offers a larger amount of data compared to this one.


a. Ntel Mini Plan

This plan offers customers 1GB of data, 100 minutes of free calls to other Ntel numbers, and 25 minutes to all other mobile networks for 7 days.


Validity: 7 days

On-Net Minute: 100

Off-Net Minute: 25


Price: ₦1000


b. Ntel Classic Plan

Ntel classic costs ₦4000 and offers subscribers 4GB of data and 400 minutes call time to other Ntel subscribers plus 100 minutes to all other networks valid for a month.

Data: 4GB

Validity:30 days

On-Net Minute: 400

Off-Net Minute: 100

SMS: 25

Price: ₦4000


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c. Ntel Max Plan

The Ntel max plan offers a whopping 16GB of data to subscribers for 30 days. It costs ₦10,000. You’ll also get 500 minutes call time to Ntel subscribers and 200 minutes to other network subscribers.

Data: 16GB

Validity:30 days

On-Net Minute: 500

Off-Net Minute: 200

SMS: 50

Price: ₦10,000


d. Ntel XL Plan

Ntel XL plan gives 80GB to subscribers at ₦30,000. Subscribers also get unlimited call time to all Ntel users and 400 minutes calls to all other networks. This plan is valid for 90 days (3 months of unlimited calls).

Data: 80GB

Validity: 90 days


On-Net Minute: Unlimited

Off-Net Minute: 400

Price: ₦30,000


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Data Only Offer

For the Ntel data only offer, data volume is larger but you don’t get any free airtime for calls or free SMS. This plan allows you to pay for a particular volume of data to be used within a particular period of time.


a. Ntel Classic Plan

Ntel classic offers 4GB of data valid for 30 days.

Data: 4GB

Validity: 30 days

Price: ₦2500


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b. Ntel Max Plan

Ntel max plan offers 16GB of data valid for 30 days.

Data: 16GB

Validity:30 days

Price: ₦7500


c. Ntel XL Plan

Ntel XL plan gives 80GB worth of data to be used in 90 days.

Data: 80GB

Validity: 90 days

Price: ₦25,000


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Unlimited Offers

Ntel unlimited data allows you to pay a stipulated amount for use of unlimited data for a particular period of time.

With the unlimited plan, you are actually paying for time and not data volumes. As such, you are free to use as much as you can so long as you are within the stipulated period of time.


a. Unlimited U Daily Plan

Ntel unlimited U daily gives you the opportunity to use its data as much as you want for a period of two days. It costs ₦1,500.


b. Unlimited U Weekly Plan

The unlimited U weekly offers you unlimited data access for 7 days. It costs ₦3,750.


c. Unlimited U Monthly Plan

The unlimited U monthly plan offers you unlimited data for 30 days. This Ntel plan costs ₦17,500.

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d. Ntel XL Unlimited

Ntel XL unlimited gives unlimited data for use within 90 days. No capping or reduction in speed like other networks.

Data: unlimited

Validity: 90 days

Price: ₦60,000


e. Ntel XL Unlimited

Ntel XL Unlimited offers you unlimited data without capping for 90 days. This plan also gives unlimited free calls to all Ntel users and 400 minutes to all other networks. The plan allows for 100 free SMS. This is the most expensive Ntel plan on the market.

Data: unlimited

SMS: 100

On-Net Minute: Unlimited

Off-Net Minute: 400

Validity: 90 days

Price: ₦75,000


How to Subscribe for Ntel Data

Ntel subscription cannot be done just by dialing USSD codes or sending a certain text to a particular number as we’re used to.

In this case, you’ll have to visit their website, create an account, and select your preferred data plan right on the platform. Payment is done online using credit/debit card.


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