The police in Akwa Ibom State said they did not find any other shallow grave, except that of the victim, within the premises where Iniubong Umoren, was raped and killed by a man who lured her with a fake job offer.

The Commissioner of Police in Akwa Ibom State, Amiengheme Andrew, stated this on Friday in Uyo when the confessed killer of Miss Umoren, Uduak Akpan, was paraded before reporters at the police headquarters in Uyo.

“We were at the site (crime scene). Police exhumed the body. The particular shallow grave that Iniubong was placed in was not more than two feet deep. And such a thing, we all know, even if you bury a goat, after about 48 hours, the stench will not even allow you… Neighbours will know, somebody must definitely know that something has happened there,” Mr Andrew said in response to a reporter’s question if the police saw other shallow graves at the crime scene.

The police voided the account of several people, including reporters, who claimed that they saw other shallow graves, alongside the one late Miss Umoren was buried.

Most people holding on to the claim about the existence of other shallow graves strongly believe that the suspect was part of a syndicate that trafficked human parts for ritual purposes.

“I saw a BBC video. Things that look like holes where they dug up yam are being referred to as shallow graves.

“There are no shallow graves anywhere. That is the truth. But if anybody can show me any other shallow grave there let him go and show me. But we went through the grounds and there is no other shallow grave there,” the police commissioner, Mr Andrew insisted while speaking with reporters.

A journalist in Uyo, Bassey Ibiatisuho, however, said he counted 12 shallow graves when he visited the crime scene on May 7.

“So today work took me to the compound where Iniubong Umoren was allegedly murdered in Nung Ikono Obio in Uruan,” Mr Ibiatisuho who works with a radio station in Uyo said in a Twitter post.

“I saw 12 shallow graves, countless number of school books bearing different names, dresses and shoes belonging to girls, bones and filthy bags.”

Mr Ibiatisuho’s Twitter post was made before Friday’s remark by the police commissioner.

PREMIUM TIMES contacted the journalist on Saturday for his reaction to the police commissioner’s remarks.

“My report says it all, I don’t want anything other than what I have written. If he is debunking it, maybe it is left for you to go there and do your own counting,” Mr Ibiatisuho.

Meanwhile, the day the suspect, Mr Akpan was paraded before reporters coincided with the burial of late Miss Umoren who graduated top of her class in the Department of Philosophy, University of Uyo.

She was an orphan.


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