A Nigerian police officer has been caught on camera begging for a bribe on one of the nation’s highways from a man who claimed to be a Spaniard.

The video of the incident was uploaded, Saturday, on Twitter by Abubakar Suleiman (@suleimana).

The date and the location of the incident is unknown for now.

The man who is on a motorbike could be heard telling the officer that he rode all the way from Spain to Nigeria.

The man’s face is not shown in the video, apparently because he used a body cam which enabled him to capture the happenings on the highway.

“What did you bring for us?” The officer said as soon as the man told him he crossed into Nigeria “today”.

The man said he did not have cash or anything on him, other than his credit card.

“Are you telling me you don’t have anything for us?” the officer said, sounding beggarly.

“No, I am sorry,” the man responded.

The officer seemed to have suggested to the man to change whatever foreign currency he had so he could give him some money.

The man appeared to have become impatient. He told the officer he needed to continue his journey as he was only riding through Nigeria and needed to get to Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, and South Africa.

But the officer insisted on getting a bribe from him. “Money, money, cash,” said the officer who seemed to have had some difficulty conversing with the man.

“Okay, I have to go,” the man said at the end of the one minute, forty-seven seconds clip.

“This video was earlier intercepted via other SM platform and investigation already initiated, please,” a police Complaint Response Unit (@PoliceNG_CRU) said in its response to the clip.

There have been several documented cases, like the one reported by PREMIUM TIMES along Ijebu Ode-Ibadan Road in Ogun State in 2018, of Nigerian police officers extorting from motorists on the nation’s highways.

The officers who were involved in the Ijebu Ode-Ibadan Road appeared not to have been punished till date by the police authorities.


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