Nigerian Lady’s Sex Advice To Married Men And Women Goes Viral


Knack Your Wives Very Well To Stop Nagging, Frustrations – Nigerian Lady’s Viral Sex Advice To Married Couples Trends Online

A Nigerian lady’s sex and marital advice to married Nigerian men and women has gone viral.

In the trending video, the young lady advised men to ensure they don’t sex starve their wife’s. She encouraged Nigerian men to always have sex with their wives.

She said, sometimes, women nag because they are sex starved.
She said even if things are not the way they are supposed to be, in terms of finance, that it should not stop the sex.

“If you knack an well, e de reduce frustration. Even if you no get money, when you knack your wife well, there is a certain happiness that comes with it.
Sometimes when we women are sex starved, we de accumulate am, we de nag, but when you knack us well, we go happy.”

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