Nigerian govt sets up committee to evaluate reopening economy

Nigerian govt sets up committee to evaluate reopening economy

The federal government on Thursday in Abuja set up a committee to consider the eventual reopening of the nation’s economy.

This was part of the decisions taken by the National Economic Council on Thursday. This was disclosed by the governor of Jigawa State, Mohammed Badaru, after the NEC meeting.

Mr. Badaru said the lack of synergy between the government taskforce on COVID-19 and state governors had been resolved by President Muhammadu Buhari at the last meeting.

“The president was clear that the Governors’ Forum and the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 should meet and agree on steps to be taken, and it has been discussed today.

“Sometimes you will see a different approach by different states, that doesn’t mean that there is a loggerhead between the states and the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19.

“Some peculiar situations require some peculiar solutions and that is why at times you see such and that will always be discussed with the Presidential Task Force so that we will always be on the same page,” he said.

In collaborating with the PTF, he said the committee is looking at the guidelines and they have agreed with the PTF on all that is being done by the committee to make sure they are on course.

State salaries

Mr Badaru said even with the bailout fund deductions being suspended by the federal government, it is unclear if states will be able to pay salaries or not in coming days.

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“I think most of the states are paying salaries already. But we have not seen the worst yet, I may not be able to answer this question correctly until we see what comes up in the next part, that is when we expect the worst-case scenario on the fallen oil prices,” he said.

“And at that time we will do the calculation and all the scenarios will come up and that will determine whether we will be able to pay salaries or not.”

On vaccinations, he said most of the states still continue with the normal routine vaccinations, and also follow-rounds of vaccinations are still going on in most of the states.