Nigerian Girl Earns 6.9 GPA, Becomes First Black Valedictorian In Texas School

A Nigerian girl with a 6.9 GPA just made history at her Texas high school, as she became the first black valedictorian in the School’s 125 year history.Tobechukwu “Tobi” Phillips, became the first Black student to graduate at the top of the class in Alvin High School, a school founded in 1894 and desegregated in 1965.

The Alvin High School senior only took AP courses to go along with her electives, was awarded this honor after earning 6.9 grade point average.The Nigerian with a 6.9 GPA which made her the first Black Valedictorian in  the Texas School’s 125 year history, will now attend the University of Texas on a full-ride thanks to the Forty Acre Scholarship. Phillips was one of 16 children chosen out of 4,000 applicants. Phillips will study nursing in college, and aspires to be a pediatric nurse practitioner with her own clinic.


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