Ahmed Isah, a broadcaster alternately referred to as Ordinary President, has tendered his apology for hitting a lady on his program.

Mr. Isah is the anchor of the Berekete family show on Human Rights radio in Abuja. He was shown in a BBC documentary slapping a Susan John who had allegedly burned her little niece’s hair because she believed the niece to be a witch.

Below is a transcript of his apology in pidgin language:

“I, Ordinary Ahmed Isah, the President and Founder of Brekete Family of Human Rights Radio and TV.

“The ordinary President dey tender my unreserved apology to everyone wey I don ever offend whether before this incident or during this incident. E get people wey dey see me as a colleague. E get people wey dey see me as a son. E get people wey dey see me as a friend. E get people wey dey see me as a father. E get people wey dey see me as somebody we dem dey look up to as a mentor.

“Please my regulators, everyone wey I don offend one way or the other, please, na human being I be. I am bound to make mistakes. Na the zeal inside of me and the passion wey dey push me.

“And as a human being, even computer dey malfunction sometimes. I get blood inside of me. Na him make may I dey emotional sometimes. I notice if I go emotional, una go see say if I realise am on time, I go apologize and try to correct the mistake wey I make.

“Please for those of una wey dey disappointed in me, please forgive me. For those people wey I don offend, find a place in your heart to forgive. I am only but a human being and this work wey I dey do, I know say some people go talk say who send you.

“Say government organizations we suppose stand for ordinary Nigerians no fit do their job, na him make I carry this load for my head. My family no dey enjoy me. My wife no dey enjoy me.

“People around me wey dey see the way I dey do this thing. I no even sabi the thing we be tiredness. I no know wetin be relaxation. I no know how to socialize. I no know wetin be vacation for my life because this thing wey I dey do na him complete me as a human being but I have a made mistake and I have made mistakes in the past.

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“Please I am not proud of myself. I am not proud of wetin I do. Anywhere you dey. If you know say I don offend somebody wey you know and e no dey listen now, carry this message to the person whether he or she. May them forgive me as a human being I am bound to make mistakes.

“I no sure say e get any human being on Earth wey go talk say e never make mistake before. If people go criticize me for the mistakes wey I do, I dey beg una make una check the small good, God don use me do, make una use am forgive me for this one wey I do.

“And for Peter Nkana (Nkanga), BBC, Kaura and that Lebanese man that followed them make una put them for prayer and all the people like one man wey dey help one government organization wey supposed listen to Nigerians. Dem cry wey the organization don fail, e no dey work since when the former oga don comot, wey dey put fire.

“Nigerians make I prepare una mind. This one wey dem commot na Part 1 be that. They wan plan many things we dem one do to destroy their enemy. But dem no go succeed by the grace of God.

“Anything wey una see wey dem comot, part of my life, I dey apologize on behalf of the Brekete Family entirely, Human Rights radio and Brekete Family radio and TV, all the members of Brekete Family all over the world, I take the responsibility, I am ashamed of myself.

“It was very stupid of me, very foolish of me to have done what I did. I did it out of empathy and sympathy of this little girl. For una wey see the short video clip wey dem send, una don hear from the father, una don hear from the mother, una don hear from the neighbor we be say no be the same compound, another compound hear this pikin cry.

“Madam Susan John (the woman slapped), I call personally to apologise. I don’t deserve any apology now. I am the one apologising. Abeg, make una help me.

“Pastor as she send you message to me, I wan beg you and other Nigerians make una help me go to her make una tell am say make she forgive me for the slap way I slap her.

“Na because she tie six years old girl for ground, tie her hand, tie her leg with weavon for the small pikin head. Come pour kerosene, throw the small pikin for ground, come light fire and matches on top of the girl and the way I imagine way I imagine say the small girl pass through na him make I slap am but I am very sorry.

“I am ready to stand before her for her to give me ten slaps in place of the one slap wey I slap her please.”


Source: Premium Times NG

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