Nigeria bleeding, needs total system overhauling – PRP presidential aspirant


A presidential aspirants of the Peoples Redemption Party, Patience Key, on Wednesday, said that the country’s socio-political system needed total overhauling because Nigeria was bleeding.

According to her, it was time for every Nigerian to begin to ask honest and conscious questions concerning extricating the nation from bad governance.

She spoke during a press conference in Abuja.

Key said, “The country urgently needs a total system overhauling. The question that should be agitating the mind of every honest and conscious Nigerian now is how to extricate our nation from the dreadful, humiliating abyss that successive decades of bad governance have plunged us into.

“Indeed, after 108 years of nationhood, 62 years of political independence and over two decades of uninterrupted civil rule, the state of our country is a woeful depiction of how efficiently our past and present leaderships have mobilised, exploited, and managed our over 200 million vibrant population; rich cultural diversity; apparently inexhaustible deposits of natural resources and congenial climate.

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“In reality, our country is profusely bleeding. Poverty, hunger, and anger are boldly imprinted on the faces of the vast majority of the populace. Pervasive insecurity has denied many Nigerians, not only their lives and the lives of their loved ones, but also their freedom, dignity and means of livelihood.

“Terrorists now hoist their flags on huge swathes of land within our national territory; more alarmingly, some within a few hundred kilometres from our nation’s capital. Our villagers and assiduous farmers in the North-East now gladly pay taxes to terrorists and armed bandits, rather than the to stay alive and access their own farmlands.

“It’s time to inject a fresh breath of air, a fresh ray of hope, for every Nigerian.”

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