NASCO cornflakes contributes to food security in Nigeria

NASCO cornflakes contributes to food security in Nigeria - Chairman, NASCO Group

From Gyang Bere, Jos

The Chairman NASCO Group Nigeria, Dr Attia Nasreddin, has said that the new NASCO Food Limited cornflakes plant would contribute immensely to food security in Nigeria.

He noted that most Nigerian children take cornflakes on a daily basis which has enriched the consumption of vitamin A among children, pregnant women and nursing mothers in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan consumers.

Dr Nasreddin disclosed this on Thursday during the unveiling and commissioning ceremony of a new multi-million naira cornflakes plant, “Farm2Home”, which was held at company headquarters in Jos, Plateau State.

“Nigerian farmers help to safeguard the country’s food security now and in the future. Food security in itself is futile if it does not reach Nigerian households,” Dr Nasreddin stated.

“Through our cornflakes plant, NASCO foods have worked relentlessly to bridge the gap between Nigerian homes and the inherent goodness of Nigerian maize.

“This new plant will continue to flake the rich yellow maize we use ensuring that NASCO cornflakes are fortified with vitamin A. We are aware of the high levels of vitamin A deficiency that have been reported in our populations. Nearly 30% among children, 19% among pregnant women and 13 % among nursing mothers.”

He said the product has been endorsed by the Nutrition Society of Nigeria.

Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong described NASCO as the most successful industry in Nigeria which has become a household name.

“On a larger economic scale, long before government started to promote self-sufficiency in food production – a policy which encouraged Nigerians to produce what they eat, NASCO’s adoption of the policy of back-ward integration in sourcing maize as its chief input for the production of cornflakes had empowered thousands of farmers on the Plateau and across many locations in central Nigeria,” the governor stated.

“This had directly impacted on the volume and quality of the maize that its suppliers were cultivating. Cumulatively, this process now integrates into the Buhari administration’s drive to develop the agriculture commodity supply chain, for which maize has been recognised as one of the most important commodities.”

Governor Lalong encouraged the business community and all citizens to be good ambassadors of Plateau State by bringing out issues that will promote the corporate existence of the people to attract local and foreign investors.

“We should avoid carelessly de-marketing the state on account of one minor unpleasant incidence. When we go to the social media and elsewhere to spread exaggerated or fake news that creates fear and anxiety in the heart of prospective investors, it discourages them from coming to do business in the state.

“We are glad that NASCO resisted this temptation over the years and today, they are the leading manufacturing company not only in Plateau State but in the country.”

The governor urged NASCO to continue to be the torchbearer that paves the way for investors to take advantage of the state’s serene environment.

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