My brother’s killers thought he had no one to look for him – Sibling of slain OAU master’s student

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Gbade is the immediate elder brother of Timothy Adegoke, a master’s student at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, who died at Hilton Hotels Ile-Ife recently. In this interview with BOLA BAMIGBOLA, Gbade speaks on the plans the deceased had for his family and community before his death

How did you hear about the death of your brother?

The sad news wasn’t delivered to me by anyone. I was called by his wife (Timothy Adegoke’s) that she had been unable to reach her husband through his mobile phone after he travelled to Ife. That made me travel down to Ife, so as to know what was actually happening. We reported the matter at Edunabon Police Station that my brother was missing and the police swung into action.

Later, the case was moved to State CID in Osogbo and from there, it was transferred to the anti-kidnapping department. They started investigation immediately. It was in the course of investigation that we got information that led to the arrest of the receptionist at Hilton Hotels and Resort, Ile-Ife, where my brother checked in. My brother even paid into her bank account. Initially, she denied that my brother checked into the hotel. The police later requested for the register of those that lodged in the facility and they discovered that the record book had been tampered with. That led to her confession of what really happened. She (receptionist) showed an evidence on her phone which indicated that the register had been tampered with. At that point, more arrests were made.

Who were those arrested?

They were staff of Hilton Hotels. I really appreciate the police team handling the case because they did not compromise.

The staff members that were arrested confessed to the role they played and how the corpse was moved out. Two of them took the police team and me to where my brother was buried at a location very close to the hotel and the corpse was exhumed.

When was the last time you spoke to your brother before his death and what was the discussion about?

We were talking regularly. Before the incident happened, he called to check on the health of my wife, who was sick. He even sent money to me for her treatment.

Were there any signs to suggest that tragedy was lurking in the corner?

I didn’t see anything to suggest that my brother was close to any danger. He usually called or chatted me up on a daily basis because he was my immediate younger brother. He was hale and hearty, not a sickly person.

He was a Master’s student, did he discuss his ambition or future plans with you?

He had many plans, a lot of plans for himself, his family and extended family as a whole. He promised to take one of his younger ones, named Adegoke Tunmise Abiodun, to Abuja and look for a job for her. He said when he came around for Christmas, he would take her to Abuja.

He also planned to send his two children, who are twins, abroad to study. He usually sent money to our parents every month, because they are farmers.

He built a house for our parents and provided all conveniences to make life comfortable for them. He also told me of his plans to establish a company here in Eruwa in the next two years, so as to create job opportunities for people. He had a lot of good plans for the future.

Have you seen the body and what was your impression from what you saw?

I won’t like to say anything on that until the result of autopsy conducted comes out.

Are you confident that justice will be served in this case?

As I said earlier, I thank and appreciate the police for their efforts and work done so far. All of them at different levels never compromised and I believe that they will not compromise for any reason. I believe that with the evidence with them, justice will be served in this case. All we want in this case is justice.

What about your parents? How are they taking this tragic incident?

It is a shocking and sad incident. I was already in Ife when they were informed. Some elderly residents broke the news to them. But I was speaking with them on phone while in Osogbo for the search.

From the information you have gathered so far, do you think your brother was particularly targeted or he was just a random victim of the people who carried out the act?

This was beyond an accident or him being a target. They are even claiming that it was a natural death. If it was a natural death, why did they have to bury him without informing the concerned authorities about his death? They did the evil act deliberately, thinking that my brother doesn’t have anyone to ask after him. They knew him very well in that hotel because it was not his first time there. He was a regular patron there. If he was also targeted by someone else, the right thing to do was to report to the police and the police would inform the relations. When the corpse was brought out, my brother was wrapped with the bed sheet of the hotel.

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