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The Executive Director, Women in Management, Business and Public Service, Mrs Hansatu Adegbite, has said the way politics is played in Nigeria does not encourage the participation of women.

According to her, the political process is too monetised and may not give chance to female contenders to vie for political office.

Adegbite disclosed this at the WIMpol graduation with the theme, “Navigating the political wheel for transformational leadership”, which was held in Lagos.

Speaking to our correspondent on Saturday at the venue, she said, “The truth of the matter is that the Nigerian system does not encourage women in leadership. We have cultural, traditional, religious and family barriers.

“There is that disadvantage from the beginning. There are also other things that limit women. A lot of women are not financially empowered. They cannot even manage a political campaign effectively because they don’t have the funds to do so.

“Then, we have a network that is relevant for growth in politics, and a lot of women have not positioned themselves strategically and worked through the system over a period of years in order to build their structure over a period of years to occupy a political seat.

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“All these things are factors that limit women’s participation in politics. Women also find it difficult to communicate effectively to be able to be accepted. Looking at all these, women would definitely drop out. Top on the list, as you should know is that the politics in Nigeria is highly monetised and a lot of women don’t have the capacity to pursue monetisation. However, there is more awareness. A lot of women have started realising that it is time to step up.”


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