Mbaka’s followers protest ban on Adoration Ministry


Followers of the Spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, on Sunday, protested against the ban imposed on the ministry by the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Rev Callistus Onaga.

Bishop Onaga had, on Saturday, in his pastoral injunction, enjoined all Catholics to stop visiting the ministry till further notice and advised all Catholic faithful to pray for Mbaka.

He explained that the decision was based on the fact that some of the teachings and utterances of Fr Mbaka at the Catholic Adoration Ministry were not consistent with the teachings and faith of the Catholic Church

The controversial priest, Mbaka, had, on Wednesday, at his Adoration Ground, said Obi would never be the president of Nigeria because he was a ‘stingy man’, adding that the politician was cursed.

Consequently, Bishop Onaga prohibited Catholic faithful in the diocese from attending Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry until the due canonical process initiated by the diocese is concluded.

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Barely 24 hours after Onaga’s decision, Mbaka’s followers gathered on Sunday morning at the Adoration Ground and started a massive protest against Bishop Onaga.

The protesters, who chanted anti-Bishop Onaga songs, called him unprintable names, querying his authority for clamping down on Mbaka’s Ministry.

The angry protesters also attacked journalists and anyone who dared to take pictures of the protest.

It was observed that a BBC Igbo journalist, who was covering the protest live, was forcefully stopped by members of the ministry.

Meanwhile, an officiating priest at the Holy Ghost Cathedral of Enugu Catholic Diocese, on Sunday, Rev. Fr. Michael Ogbuh, told Mbaka’s followers that they were the greatest enemy of their spiritual director.

In a veiled reference to Mbaka, Fr. Ogbuh, who was speaking during his homily about the Holy Eucharist, said it was the same people who praised Mbaka to high heavens that made him feel like a small god.

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“Exactly a year ago, some of you led a protest to destroy this cathedral. That is what makes him feel like a small god and refusing to stick to his vow of obedience.

“You have to focus your attention on Jesus Christ who we are celebrating today in the Eucharist.

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