A 26-year-old man, Moses Olaitan, has been arrested by the police in Lagos for impersonating the Elegushi of Ikate-Elegushi Kingdon, Saheed Elegushi, and allegedly defrauding his online lover N51 million.

The suspect was paraded at the Lagos Police Command on Thursday.

Narrating how he perpetrated the fraud, Mr Olaitan said he opened a Facebook account in Mr Elegushi’s name and used his pictures.

Elegushi of Ikate-Elegushi Kingdon, Saheed Elegushi [Photo Credit: sarolajblog]“I used pictures of Saheed Oba Elegushi. She (the victim) come (sic) and meet me online, she said she wants to marry king and we start (sic) from there,” he said.

Mr Olaitain, who is a resident of Epe and works as a painter, said he told the white woman she needs to perform some rites before marrying the king and it requires money.

“I talked to her that if she wants to marry a king, she has to do some culture and she needs to do something. She told me to send account number, but I don’t have account number, I meet (sic) Segun,” he said, pointing to his accomplice.

Although Mr Olaitan is the prime suspect of the online fraud, he said he was not the one who received the money sent by the victim.

He added that he didn’t know the total amount that was collected until he was arrested but the police said it was ‘N51 million.’

“My share was N2.5 million. I came here, I didn’t know the total amount because I was not the one receiving the alert,” he said.

The accomplice, Segun Omosola, who was arrested alongside Mr Olaitan said he was brought into the deal.

The 48-year-old commercial driver said he has “repented and now a new creature.”

“He was the one that introduced the woman to me, then I took him to collect the money from the woman.

“It was when I came here that I know the money was N51 million, I was even shocked, I didn’t know it got to that stage,” he said.

Explaining how he was arrested, Mr Olaitan said the police tracked his cousin through his phone number and were able to get to him.

He was arrested on February 25, a day before his 26th birthday.

“My birthday was February 26, my girlfriend came, I went out to arrange for the party before the police arrest me,” he said.

The arrested suspect led the police to the house of his accomplice and he was also arrested.

Addressing the press during the parade, the Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, said the police is working hard to reduce crime in the state.

He said the command has made several arrests between March and April, which form part of the achievements of the command.


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