Let Your Fintech Solution Addressing the Underserved Scale Globally via Inclusive Fintech 50

Inclusive Fintech 50

Are you a fintech startup striving to diversify financial inclusion? The Inclusive Fintech 50 seeks to facilitate your growth and boost your solutions’ recognition.

Powered by Center for Financial Inclusion, the Inclusive Fintech 50 (IF50) is a global innovation competition designed to single out unique fintechs with the potential to drive financial inclusion.

The competition, which is themed “Making Digitization Count”, will stimulate the global recognition of fintech startups addressing limitations in financial services delivery for unserved and underserved customers.


The Inclusive Fintech 50 asserts that winners who emerged from previous editions have collectively increased their funding by $620 million in the year following their win.

Winners also receive access to zero-cost tools such as Visa’s Practical Business Skills and Practical Money Skills.

The goal is to make early-stage fintechs more visible to investors and others who can help them grow and have a noticeable impact on the billions of financially underserved people.

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The programme also supports the broader inclusive fintech ecosystem through actionable market-level insights generated from aggregated and anonymized applicant data.


  • Early-stage fintechs in advanced or emerging markets 
  • These fintechs should offer solutions among credit, insurance, payments & remittances, savings & personal financial management, or infrastructure 
  • They should be addressing special challenges of underserved customer segments

The IF50 has an Investors’ Network which is a global network of investors that provides members with visibility into promising early-stage inclusive fintechs. 

All eligible applicants to Inclusive Fintech 50 have the option to share basic information including contact details with the IF50 Investors’ Network.

How to apply

Do you meet all required eligibility criteria? Then apply to make your fintech solutions scale globally. Application deadline is on Monday, July 25, 2022.

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