The senator representing Imo West District, Rochas Okorocha, has told fellow senators that it is only the people who have the moral right to judge the performance of the Senate.

Mr Okorocha, a former governor of Imo State and a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), spoke on Wednesday at a special session where the senators took turns to appraise the performance of the Ninth Senate since its inauguration in June 2019.

“The right persons to judge our performance should have been the people,” Mr Okorocha said to the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan and fellow senators.

Mr Okorocha said it was “only a miracle of God” that he and his colleagues were still in the Senate as a united Nigeria despite the “situation” in the country.

The senator was apparently referring to the insecurity in Nigeria, the killings in the different parts of the country, and the agitations for the break-up of the country.

“As we catalogue our achievements and enumerate the great achievements of the Ninth Senate which I congratulate you and congratulate my dear colleagues, I’ll like to say, Mr President, that we do not forget that we are here because of the people, and that we were elected by the people to serve the people, and we are here at their mercy.

“So the right persons to judge our performance should have been the people. I say so because political power, whether legislature or the executive, is but a trust – a trust that can only be justified when used for the benefit of the common man.

“The question before us this afternoon is, how happy are the people? What are their emotions?” Mr Okorocha said.

The senator said it would have been better for the Senate to dedicate the session to discussions on the state of the nation and use the moment to give hope to the citizens.

“I have repeatedly said that this Senate must rise and support the executive to address the issue of poverty and injustice in this nation. In Imo, there is a cry for injustice. In Borno, there’s a cry for injustice, in Sokoto there’s a cry for injustice.

“And we must also as a Senate stop this ethnic-profiling of our people, where we believe we are not able to separate criminals from where they come from.”

The senator said the Igbos and Fulani in Nigeria have been profiled as killers.

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Meanwhile, the Senate President, Mr Lawan said the Ninth Senate has so far passed 58 out of the 742 bills introduced at the two chambers of the National Assembly since 2019.

Mr Lawan assured that the Senate would pass the Electoral Reform bill before the annual summer recess.

Senators, both from the APC and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, said the Ninth Senate has performed well, since its inception.


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