From Volkswagon to Dunlop, Nigerian Airways to NITEL, Peugeot to NEPA, one could contend that what they all have in common aside from extinction in Nigeria are poor strategic leadership, limited innovation and many failed change initiatives. Hence, it is critical for organisations to develop strategic leadership and to have innovation in their DNA now more than ever before.

The world is facing turbulent times. The pandemic and current challenges are overwhelming for economies across the globe.  Every aspect of our daily life has been upended, and the general perception is that this has come to stay or, at best, change the way we live forever.

This is not the first time the world has witnessed a crisis.  We have been down this road before and recovered. 

The hospitality, travel, entertainment, oil and gas, financial services industry and the government are among others that have suffered a substantial downturn during this period. Despite all these challenges, several organisations (e.g. telecoms, logistics, fintech and technology companies) have also witnessed considerable growth and expansion within the same period. Common to all these successful companies is that they have strategic leaders who inspire collaboration and innovation in their organisation.

We at TEXEM recognise the urgent need for organisations to focus on innovation at this critical time.  There are many post crises growth anticipated, and we know that only innovative solutions will generate the essential profitable growth needed to surmount the existential challenges we face.

In view of this, TEXEM is inviting organisations and executives to our impactful and well-tailored programme scheduled to hold between the 26th of May – 27th day of May 2021 titled LEADING AND DRIVING INNOVATION FOR SUCCESS DURING TOUGH TIMES.

This two day executive development programme will help senior executives in your organisation develop valuable insights that you require to effectively and efficiently achieve your goals, especially with the plethora of socio-economic and wellbeing challenges that the world is currently facing.

The sessions will be live, virtual and very engaging to suit the new reality we currently face.

 This executive development programme would address these critical questions and many more. How should organisations pursue innovation for recovery and success? What are lessons learned from failed attempts to innovate? What do the experts recommend?   How do we recover from this crisis and win?  How do we increase value through innovation? What is the strategic role of a leader in inspiring innovation during turbulent times, and how could leaders facilitate this?  We are confident that through this TEXEM programme you will find solutions to all these questions and more.  You are sure to find this programme very impactful and beneficial.

At the end of this LEADING AND DRIVING INNOVATION FOR SUCCESS DURING TOUGH TIMES, you will develop excellent skills on how to pursue innovation as a strategy for survival and profitable growth despite all the challenges currently faced. With innovative strategies, you will be able to identify viable ideas that you can implement to thrive and achieve sustainable success.

During this programme, world-renowned Dr Tony Raven, CEO of Cambridge University Enterprise and Professor Wim Vanhaverbeke of ESADE and University of Surrey will share actionable and requisite insights into what it takes to lead and drive innovation for success amidst the pandemic. They have a wealth of experience and practical knowledge that has helped hundreds of organisations to excel which is worth sharing.

Dr. Tony Raven, CEO, Cambridge University Enterprise
Prof. Wim Vanhaverbeke, ESADE and University of Surrey
Why should leaders attend this executive development programme?

Given TEXEM’s impressive pedigree of consistently helping organisations to thrive and the eminent and illustrious faculties, this is a programme that every executive should not miss.  Also, the topics covered during this programme are relevant and essential for the success of leaders and organisations. Thus, this TEXEM, UK programme on LEADING AND DRIVING INNOVATION FOR SUCCESS DURING TOUGH TIMES scheduled to take place virtually between 26-27 May 2021 promises to offer valuable insights on how to unlock scarce value in an era where there are few. Through this executive development programme, leaders would enhance their social capital by networking and steepening their learning curve by challenging assumptions. Notably, in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, it is common to get so engrossed in the daily struggle to survive that one forgets to be strategic, make critical decisions that stimulate a culture of creativity, develop innovative products and services and focus on optimising performance and impact. This TEXEM, UK programme would help participants learn how Strategic leaders and their organisations can win through innovation during adversity and prosperity.


Every leader is welcome to attend this executive development programme. Whether you are a CEO, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resource Manager, General Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, you cannot afford to miss this programme. Also, participants could include Chief Publicity Officer, Chief Technical Officer, and everyone else who occupies a leadership position. Dear executives, this TEXEM UK’s leadership and innovation executive development programme is an opportunity to learn requisite actionable insights to achieve success that endures. You can choose to apply as an individual or as a group from your organisation. 

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