Lagos educates property owners on land use charge

Lagos State

The Lagos State Government has said its awareness programme across the state would tackle challenges associated with unresolved land use charge complaints by property owners or their representatives.

The Registrar of Land Use Charge Assessment Tribunal, Mrs Olayinka Oyegunle, disclosed this in a statement made available to journalists on Wednesday.

Oyegunle was quoted to have spoken during a sensitisation programme held at the Ikorodu Local Government secretariat.

She said, “The tribunal was created by the Lagos State Government to serve as a platform for aggrieved property owners to resolve grievances, in respect of LUC assessments and other related matters, through an appeal or mediation process.

“One of the laudable LUC reforms of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s administration is the introduction of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the LUC Law 2020, as means of resolving disputes at the tribunal.

“This has resulted in more seamless and expedited resolutions in line with international best practices.”

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Oyegunle also urged property owners in the state not to ignore the LUC’s demand notice as this would result in penalties by the tribunal.

“I urge property owners to take advantage of the governor’s gesture of the 15 per cent early payment discount on the LUC demand notice as well as the complaint mechanisms put in place because the tribunal has functional complaint centres which are clearly indicated on the back page of the LUC demand notices.”

“Ignoring the LUC demand notice or refusal to pay will not clear the liability incurred, instead it would result in accumulated charges and penalties that are carried forward and added to subsequent years’ charges with attendant consequences,” she added.

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