Lafia emirate: Tension as selection process commences

Lafia emirate

LATEST report shows that the three ruling houses in Lafia emirate council have been alienated from the process of selecting the Emir of the emirate.

According to the alienated ruling houses, which include;  Ari Laminu, Musa Danjaji and Musa Gana, the bone of contention has been that Dunama was not the only one that founded Lafia as paddled in some quarters, but Lafia was collectively founded by a group of Kanuri Royal warriors after traversing some parts of the country.

This was contained in a statement jointly signed by the heads of the three ruling houses, Aliyu Sanda, Yusuf Ibrahim Jaji (Jarmen Lafia and Muhammadu Jibrin) and Galadiman Lafia respectively and made available to Tribune online in Lafia, the Nasarawa state capital.

“We find it imperative at this juncture to let the whole world know the broad day light injustices meeting out to the Ari Dunama and Dallah Dunama ruling house, and excluding other Ruling houses from contesting for the stool of the Emir of Lafia,” the statement stated.

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The statement further added that it was during the reign of Umar Dalla that a stage was set for the total removal of the other Ruling houses by sub-dividing the Dunama ruling house into two, namely; Dallah Danama and Ari Dunama of the present Ungwar Doka and Kofar Kaura.

“It is also believed that it was from that moment in history that Kingmakers were made to make a secret pledge to be selecting subsequent emir from the above subdivided Dunama Ruling houses rotationally.

“This injustice has been on for about century and the other ruling houses have been fighting the injustice using all available legal means to have these anomalies corrected .

“Not until on the 23rd April, 1976 when the government of the then Plateau state under the administration of Group Captain Dan Suleiman, of the blessed memory set up a judicial panel of investigation to look into the chieftaincy affairs in the whole plateau state under the chairmanship of late Yahaya Muhammadu Kamam and recommendations were made.

“The panel after subsequently recognised two subdivided ruling houses in Lafia were also recommended that Ari of Laminu should be made a distinct ruling house for the fact that the Laminu had also established ruling dynasty Laminu ruling house had produced an emir other than its founder.

“White paper was made and subsequently Gazetted on 29th April, 1983 via Plateau state Legal Notice No. 8 of 1983 the Lafia emirate ( Declaration of the Native law and custom relation to the selection of the Emir of Lafia) order 1983 that the present ruling house should also be a distinct ruling house,” the statement reiterated.

The statement explained further, that all people that ruled Lafia did so in their right and not as regents as been paddled around.

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